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The Conference Planning Committee--a wonderfully large group of volunteers--met in October and set up subcommittees which are meeting in the next week or 2.

We are considering a theme related to aviation, and were thinking that we might post 3 choices to the SUNYLA listserv for a vote. Please send an suggestions to by Monday, Nov 15, and I'll send the survey out to the list. To see current suggestions, or to contribute suggestions that might get picked for the final 3, please add a comment to this google doc:

Please also contribute any keynote speaker suggestions.

The call for sessions will go out in December, 2021.
Registration will begin in April, 2022.
Conference is June 8-10, Farmingdale State College

September 17, 2021 Council Meeting @ MVCC / Re: Conference Chair report
« on: September 17, 2021, 09:57:28 AM »
Conference will be June 8-10, 2022.

September 17, 2021 Council Meeting @ MVCC / Conference Chair report
« on: September 17, 2021, 09:56:07 AM »
Spaces at Farmingdale State College are booked for SUNYLA 2022.
I have Carrie Fishner's timeline of necessary activities.
I will send out a call for conference committee participation next week.
-Karen Gelles

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