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November 13, 2020 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / IDS Project Update
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:56:42 AM »
Good morning,

This year we held the IDS Project User Group meetings and IDS Conference virtually.  According to the responses, they were very successful.  The IDS Conference had over 400 registered attendees and an average of 200 attendees per session.  The Conference also included a preconference for ILL 101 that was run with OCLC, Atlas Systems, and STARS.  We had a few snags but, over all, the week went very well.  Recordings of the conference and preconference are located on the IDS Project Website (

We have lost a few members this year due to the financial crisis and libraries having to cut back on spending for resource sharing.  That being said, we have picked up a few new members as well.  Our total membership is 127.

We have been working on ALIAS and the Alma data for a while now, trying to clean up the imports of the data.  This is an ongoing process.  We have cleared out the old data from Serials Solutions, Ebsco, and other sources for the SUNY libraries.  You will hopefully see less false positives coming in now for requests.  This will result in a lower number of requests coming in.  If you see a dramatic drop, please let us know (

The next Regional User Groups (Virtual User Groups) will be held on December 7th and more information will be coming out very soon.

The plan for the conference for the summer of 2021 is to remain virtual.  The reason for this is two fold.  We don't know how COVID will be at that point and we know that most libraries and campuses are having a lot of financial trouble.  That basically means that travel to a conference will be very difficult. IDS Project has worked hard to keep costs as low as possible for libraries so that more staff can get the training and help they need.

The staff, Admin Team, and Mentors of the IDS Project are happy to help so please let us know what we can do.

Thank you,

The IDS Project will be having the Fall User Group Sessions in October/November!  We will announce the dates and locations for these daylong workshops soon.  We encourage all Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing staff to attend and immerse themselves in the IDS Project community.  An agenda will be sent out along with the announcement of the RUGs.

IDS Project membership now stands at 123 member libraries.  A few of these new libraries are still in the process of coming on board and will be announced to the membership soon.

All of the SUNY Libraries have had Alma configured to export their journal holdings into ALIAS on the first of each month.  The library configuration files for IDS Logic have also been updated so there was no interruption of services when SUNY migrated to Alma.  IDS has also produced a new Primo VE addon which can be found at

The Annual IDS Project Conference was held on Thursday, July 25th, and Friday, July 26th at Utica College in Utica, NY and was well received by attendees.  There were 110 attendees from 82 different institutions, including 14 out-of-state institutions.  Our keynote was Jill Morris from PALCI.  Atlas Systems, Central NY Library Resources Council, Ebsco, Ex Libris, OCLC, and Reprints Desk supported the conference and gave excellent presentations.  Presentations are located at

March 15, 2019 Council Meeting @ Onondaga / IDS Project Update
« on: March 14, 2019, 02:10:56 PM »
IDS Project Conference will be held at Utica College in Utica, NY on July 25th and 26th.  For more information check
The All Region User Group will be on July 24th.

The Spring Regional User Groups will be held at:
Western User Group
Tuesday, May 21st at SUNY Geneseo

Eastern User Group
Wednesday, May 22nd at Hudson Valley Community College
Metro User Group
Thursday, May 23rd at CUNY Hunter

The Spring RUGs will focus on hands on Alma training for resource sharing.

The membership is up to 120 libraries.  Several new libraries will be coming onboard in the next month.

We recently added Harvard University to our list of libraries subscribing to IDS Logic.

We will be having an IDS Logic Development Meeting at the end of March.  One of the agenda items is to look into Alma APIs and see what we can do with them to enhance Alma Resource Sharing and the Alma/ILLiad connections.

We are well on our way to having all IDS Libraries up and running on Article Gateway, the newest of the IDS Logic suite of tools.

November 3, 2017 Council Meeting @ Albany / IDS Project Liaison Report
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:15:45 AM »
Bill Jones has taken a new position at SUNY Geneseo as the Digital Resources and Systems Librarian.

IDS Project is now using LibAnswers to collect trouble tickets and questions regarding IDS Logic and Mentor Support.  In the past, libraries have emailed Bill Jones directly for support.  Please use LibAnswers so that the new support team can answer your questions.

The address to for Logic Support is:
The address to for Mentor Support is:

The Metro User Group will be held at SUNY Optometry on Nov. 7th.  We have already held the Western and Eastern User Group meetings and had approximately 60 people turn out for the gatherings.

IDS is working with OCLC on the development of Tipasa APIs.  OCLC’s estimates that the APIs will be ready in 2019.  IDS will be working with OCLC to determine when Tipasa is ready for IDS libraries to migrate.

IDS is working to get all member libraries up on the new Article Gateway in the next few months.  Article Gateway automates the Rule of 5 and can determine if it is cheaper to borrow through ALIAS or purchase the article from Reprints Desk or Get It Now, if it doesn't meet the Rule of 5.  This new automation has had a dramatic impact on the time article requests have taken.

The Annual IDS Project Conference will be held at Utica College on July 26th-27th, 2018.  The annual All-Region User Group will be held on the July 25th, 2018.

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