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January 20, 2023 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / SLC liaison report
« on: January 20, 2023, 09:51:21 AM »
This is likely my last report as liaison, as the membership voted after the fall meeting in December to dissolve the organization.

The SLS and OLIS will be reaching out to work with SUNYLA on how to incorporate some of the needed professional development and networking aspects that the SLC membership desired.

Carrie Fishner

November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / SLC liaison report
« on: October 31, 2022, 04:58:54 PM »
I am sorry I can't be at the meeting today.

The SLC Board has released its recommendation for the Future of the SLC. This was sent out to the SLC listserv on Friday, Oct. 28th. It will be discussed at the Virtual Fall SLC on Thursday December 1st at 3:00pm. Each campus will be given one vote after the meeting to determine how to proceed (by Dec. 16th), voting instructions will follow the meeting.

To summarize the recommendation:
The SLC Board recommends that we dissolve the SLC for the following reasons:
   •   This structure is no longer effective in accomplishing the work of the SUNY Libraries.
   •   The SLC was created to have a budget/dues, a bank account, an Executive Director, and perhaps additional staff. It currently has none of these, with no clear path or appetite
         for adding them.
   •   Widespread fatigue, focus on individual campus matters, and understaffing make it difficult for many of us to find the time and energy to run an independent organization.
   •   Supporting the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) and SUNY Library Services (SLS) is the most efficient way to participate in the work of the SUNY Libraries
        without unnecessarily duplicating efforts. OLIS/SLS already has a team of paid staff devoted to making the SUNY Libraries the best they can be. We see no reason to continue
        overcomplicating things with additional organizational layers.

Additionally, the SLC President Brian Sullivan (Alfred, Ceramics) has a question for SUNYLA. The SLC recognizes that SUNYLA already does a large amount of professional development, collaboration, and networking (and very well!) - how could we help support and build on that in terms of where the SLC ends? Would it be possible to add Director gatherings as part of the SUNYLA conferences (maybe a SIG in admin or leadership?) Also, how can we try to encourage more Directors to participate in SUNYLA, with the absence of the SLC?

Carrie's thought - we have already done a lot to build this area up over the last eight or so years (in terms of Director involvement), but it could always be better. I think that adding a Directors/Admin meeting on to the conference would be a great step.   (sorry I can't be at the meeting today!)


September 16, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / SLC liaison report
« on: September 16, 2022, 10:23:53 AM »
Supplemental election occurred to fill the 2 board positions:
Pam O'Sullivan from Brockport and Keri Thomas-Whiteside from Erie CC have been elected - Congratulations!

They join the other board members:
•   Brian Sullivan, Alfred-Ceramics (Chair)
•   David Schuster, Binghamton
•   Erin Rowley, Buffalo
•   Donna Berryman, Buffalo
•   Shannon Pritting, OLIS

The board will be looking at investigating the future of the SLC this year with the goal of presenting their recommendation to the greater community in the coming months.

The SLC spring meeting took place in a hybrid environment yesterday (June 7th).

The morning was spent with updates from OLIS and SLS and the SLC Board. In the afternoon there were presentations on the DLE migration and on the Women in Technology initiative from Holly Heller-Ross. The remainder of the afternoon was spent on the topic of whether or not the SLC should continue to be an organization. Sectors met and held discussions and then the whole group reconvened to share back and discuss as a whole. The consensus was that the entire membership would need to come to a vote, but that there should be time and investigation on a few points first. The vote will be called at the fall meeting in November. In the meantime, there will be a special election for one Board position that has been opened up and for one position that will be added - these will be specifically held for Community College/Tech sector and Comprehensive College seats. This is to round out the Board as the current make-up with the new incoming members is all Doctoral campuses from Binghamton and Buffalo.

Minutes from the Board meetings this year can be found at the SLC LibGuide:
Minutes from the spring meeting will be added in the next week.

Carrie Fishner

The committee has not met recently.

After the last Council meeting it was decided that the committee would become a sub-committee under the Professional Development committee, and move from a stand alone ad hoc.

The committee will work on redefining our charge and developing a list of priorities and goals for the next year. Those attending the SUNYLA conference may meet in person during the SIG time to start this conversation, however the committee will be convening in August to start this discussion officially. If anyone is interested in joining please reach out to Carrie Fishner (

The SLC Board is planning the spring meeting for June 6 & 7th to coincide with the SUNYLA Annual Conference this year.
A draft agenda is being developed, and will be forthcoming.

There are 3 seats on the SLC board that will be open for new members. A call for nominations will be coming out at the beginning of April, with elections to follow. To find out more about the board and the policies, please see this guide.

OLIS and CPD will be rolling out a new Leadership course next year, more information will be coming on that at the spring meeting. It is developed loosely off of the Sienna program and a few others.

The Elsevier/Science Direct Taskforce has been created and is working on the next renewal for the SUNY contract. SUNY Connect Taskforce is working on the EBSCO renewal as well.

Carrie Fishner

The Promotion & Tenure ad hoc committee will be looking to meet at the annual conference during the SIG/Committee meeting times, and will not be presenting this year.

We are hoping to gather some more information and ideas on what the membership would like to see from this committee and how we can be of service.

Members are always welcome, just let Carrie Fishner know you would like to be added to the committee list (

Carrie Fishner,

January 21, 2022 Council Meeting @ SUNY Delhi / SLC liaison report
« on: January 20, 2022, 10:02:47 PM »
The Board continues to have regular meetings, discussing items as needed and brought forward by the membership and from OLIS.

The Science Direct contract will be coming up for negotiation, there is a team that has been put together to work on it.

Cori Wilhelm has left Canton to begin working at OLIS as Program Manager. She is currently reaching to library directors and trying to meet with as many as she can to find out how libraries are doing, what they need/what obstacles they are facing, and how OLIS/SLS can best help.

There will be two positions opening up on the board this spring - nominations will open up in March. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a current Board member and we are happy to discuss the commitment.


The SLC fall meeting is Wed. Nov 17th 9-noon. The draft agenda is posted, with links

A few highlights: SUNY is moving away from Workplace and the SLC board is supporting the recommendation by OLIS and SLS to move the libraries back to Basecamp for now. SUNY has a few other options for the system they are working on moving forward, but we will wait until the kinks have been worked out.

The Board would like to meet concurrently with the SUNYLA conference again this year, as they were unable to last year.

There will be two spots on the board opening up this year, so please consider running for a position.

Submitted by Carrie Fishner

No report at this time

-Carrie Fishner, Chair

September 17, 2021 Council Meeting @ MVCC / Promotion & Tenure ad hoc
« on: September 15, 2021, 10:43:14 AM »
The Promotion & Tenure Ad Hoc committee hosted another successful pre-conference session during the Annual Conference in June. We had a great turn-out for a late Friday conference session, so thank you to everyone who attended. There was great conversation and questions, and we seemed to really be able to offer a lot of support to our colleagues through this program.

We are currently looking at the next steps we can take as a committee, beyond offering these programs at annual. We have been in talks with the Professional Development Committee and the LIS Student subcommittee of Membership to look at reviving the SUNYLA Mentorship program.

If anyone is interested in joining our small committee, please reach out to me - Carrie Fishner,

Respectfully, Carrie F., Chair

The Promotion & Tenure ad hoc committee is sponsoring a Workshop during the annual conference on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm.

If anyone would like to join the committee, please email Carrie at Goals of the committee for the short term will be to identify next steps that will benefit the community, beyond offering the popular annual sessions during the conference.

June 16, 2021 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL (Annual) / SLC Update
« on: June 16, 2021, 09:48:32 AM »
The SLC Board is finalizing the agenda for the joint SLC and OLIS meeting to be held virtually on Thursday June 24th from 9am-Noon. There will be a first hour for updates, then sector break out meetings, followed by a third hour of large group discussion. Topics to be discussed include priorities of the SUNY Libraries and creating better lines of communication.

There is currently one open SLC Board position for which we are seeking nominations, due by Friday June 18th. This position is due to a Board resignation, and will be a 2-year seat to fill the remainder of the term. Nominations can be submitted here: 

The 2021 conference is off and running! We have 386 registered attendees (as of 9am this morning) with 8 vendors. It's not the conference we started out planning, but I am so proud of the work we have we done. I cannot thank enough the conference planning committee who has worked very hard to create a well planned and creative version of SUNYLA Annual conference, in virtual form. We hope one day you will come and visit us in person here at Delhi. We tried very hard to include as many of the traditions of the annual conference that we all know and love in this year’s virtual conference, and we hope that everyone will join in as much as you are able to do so.

A few highlights I’d like to point out – there is a conference virtual photo booth – please take pictures, and if you’re willing, share to the gallery! You may find your photo in future SUNYLA social media. It’s nice to see each other having fun and smiling, just like at our regular social events and networking.

Wednesday and Thursday evening, we do have social events taking place from 7-9pm – please stop in and check them out. There are two scheduled activities each night, as well as an open social room for networking and hanging out. Remember to thank EBSCO for supporting our social events, bring your koozie with you to Wednesday evenings events with your beverage of choice.

As always, we couldn’t make the conference as affordable as we do without our generous sponsors. Thanks to their support, we were once again able to provide a near-zero cost virtual conference this year.

Have fun, and we can’t wait to see you all in person again next year at SUNYLA 2022 at Farmingdale!

Carrie Fishner

Conference planning is moving along smoothly and we are well on our way.

We have a keynote, we will have a talk from the Mertz Library at the New York Botanical Garden - focusing on citizen science

Conference program acceptance letters have gone out, and presenters have until today to confirm they will be presenting. 32 breakout sessions, 16 lightning talks, and 6 workshops (formerly the pre-conference) sessions were selected.
The call for poster sessions has gone out, with a deadline for proposals of April 23rd.

Social event planning is well underway and there are a lot of great things planned! Although we will not be meeting in person we believe that we will be providing ample opportunity for networking and interaction both in and out of the sessions.

The conference website is live! We will be adding additional content as it is finalized.

Registration will go live at the beginning of May.

Carrie Fishner, Chair

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