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June 12, 2024 @ Buffalo State (Annual) / UUP Liaison Report
« on: June 12, 2024, 10:22:49 AM »
Dan Harms, UUP Liaison to SUNYLA

Please note that a contractual salary increase is going out to people with continuing or permanent appointment, or a second five-year contract, beginning on July 1. It may take some time to be seen in your paycheck, but keep an eye out for it.

I'm interested in people's experiences with the new purposes specified for the Individual Development Award.

UUP President Kowal on budget cut impacts at Buffalo State

Kowal Calls on Chancellor King to Fairly Allocate SUNY Funds

November 17, 2023 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UUP Liaison Report
« on: November 17, 2023, 09:29:55 AM »
Dan Harms, UUP Liaison

Kowal confronts Trustees over campus funding

Potsdam members rally for fair funding

The UUP Library Ad Hoc Committee held a focus group at the Delegate Assembly on October 12.

When do I get my money?

Retroactive salary increases will appear in the 11/22/2023 paycheck, as will moneys for part-time instructor course increases and the location pay adjustment.

If you are of SL 1-3 rank or Assistant or Senior Assistant librarian and your salary is still below the minimum after the 11/22 paycheck, you should see the adjustment in the 12/6 paycheck.

This year’s Discretionary Salary Increase is $400 across the board, paid on the 12/6 or 12/20 paychecks.

Those on payroll from ratification through April 30, 2024, will receive a $3000 lump sum bonus, paid at $1500 on July 1, 2024 and $1500 on July 1, 2025.

If something doesn’t seem right, ask your HR department – they’re very knowledgeable, but they do sometimes make mistakes.

September 15, 2023 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UUP Liaison Report
« on: September 14, 2023, 06:08:01 PM »
Dan Harms

UUP has ratified new contract for 2022-2026. Congratulations to all the hard work of our Negotiations team! Details have been sent to members’ homes and are available in the Members Only section of the website.

We’ve formed an ad hoc Librarians group to discuss issues of interest to librarians, primarily related to library staffing and budgets. The goal is to create a report with action items dealing with such issues. We’re very early in the planning process here, but the group has met once, and we will meet again at the Delegate Assembly on 10/12 from 8-9:30 PM for an initial discussion.

UUP Resoundingly Ratifies New Contract

UUP Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action

UUP President Kowal on Enacted 2023-24 State Budget

UUP Liaison Report
Dan Harms

UUP has reached a tentative agreement with the State of New York. The Negotiations Team will be meeting a week from today to determine whether the agreement will be sent to the membership. I am not authorized to release further details.

Matthew Smith, Elizabeth Gaff, and Heather Whalen Smith have compiled information regarding librarians in UUP-represented libraries. Here's a brief takeaway:

* Since 2019, the number of librarians employed at these libraries has declined by 11.5% (7.2% for full time librarians, 47.2% for part-time librarians).

* From 2013 and 2023, the number of librarians at the full and distinguished rank has dropped from 45 to 34.

* The number of librarians graduating from M.LS and equivalent programs has dropped by 5% since 2019, while projections indicate that librarian jobs will increase by 6% between 2021-31.

March 24, 2023 Council Meeting @ SUNY Maritime / UUP Liaison Report
« on: March 24, 2023, 09:06:10 AM »
UUP Liaison Report
Dan Harms

Don't forget to watch your mail for your chapter elections ballots!


January 20, 2023 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UUP Report
« on: January 13, 2023, 01:48:09 PM »
UUP Liaison Report
Dan Harms

I will be on a research trip at our meeting time.

Telecommuting Agreement Extended to June 30

Statement from UUP President Fred Kowal on the 2023 SUY Budget Request

UUP Press Release on Campus Deficits

I am curious if anyone can report people being hired in librarian lines without an M.LS. or equivalent, for positions where this has not been the historical practice.

November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UUP Liaison Report
« on: November 04, 2022, 08:55:24 AM »
UUP Liaison Report
Dan Harms

Check the Members section of the UUP website for updates on the contractual process.

UUP Urges Lawmakers to Reverse Multi-Million Dollar Deficits

UUP Chapters Celebrate Campus Equity Week

Don't forget to vote next week, if you haven't already!

September 16, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UUP Update
« on: September 15, 2022, 06:35:43 PM »
UUP Liaison’s Report
Dan Harms

The state and UUP have met four times to discuss the next contract. A detailed negotiations bulletin has been posted in the Members section of the UUP website.

Action: Urge Governor Hochul to Amend Labor Law to Allow for Public Employee Loan Forgiveness

Telecommuting Agreement Extended through 2022

UUP Press Release on NYS Budget

UUP Liaison’s Report
Dan Harms

As of May 27, negotiations for the next contract began, with UUP delivering its list of conceptual proposals to the state. I’ll be discussing these at the meeting. Two more meetings with the state are scheduled for June.

I recently requested the list of the state titles for academics, in order to get some idea of librarian promotions. The figures below are taken from those SUNY academic faculty at associate level or higher:

                                                          Librarians            Non-librarians

Asst. Lib. / Instructor                                  7%                2%

Sr. Asst Lib. / Asst. Prof.                            37%                25%

Associate                                                  46%                38%

Full                                                            9%                30%

Distinguished                                              1%                5%

To attempt to mitigate questions about seniority and accomplishment regarding the higher levels, I looked at the population at associate level or above (thus, people who have likely been promoted at least once already):

    Percent of librarians at full or distinguished rank:         19%
    Percent of non-librarians at full or distinguished rank:     48%

Dan Harms, UUP Liaison to SUNYLA

Take Action to Fully Fund Our Colleges and Hospitals:

Save SUNY Hospitals

I also have a presentation to give on research study time survey results.

January 21, 2022 Council Meeting @ SUNY Delhi / UUP Liaison Report
« on: January 20, 2022, 10:00:36 AM »
UUP Liaison Report
Dan Harms

UUP and State Extend Telecommuting Agreement

UUP President Fred Kowal on Governor's Executive Budget

Kowal on UUP Vaccination Mandate

Reach out to our negotiators for the next contract: (scroll down for email)

Items for Discussion: A-48 Committee, Salary Compression

UUP Liaison Update
Dan Harms, Liaison to SUNYLA

I will likely not be attending, as I have a union event this morning.

UUP President Fred Kowal on Disinvestment of SUNY

Kowal on Working with Kathy Hochul

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question on the SUNYLA-L listserv to help with salary compression determinations. This material has been sent on to the statewide officers to see what can be done.

Your campus chapters are sending out a member survey to determine their priorities for the upcoming round of negotiations. Please watch for it, participate, and encourage your colleagues to do so.

September 17, 2021 Council Meeting @ MVCC / UUP Liaison Report
« on: September 16, 2021, 06:41:31 PM »
UUP Liaison’s Report
Dan Harms, Liaison

Statement by Fred Kowal on working with Kathy Hochul as NY Governor:

Statement on the Governor’s COVID-19 Vaccine Directives for State Employees, Health Care Workers

UUP will be engaged in contract negotiation talks soon.

Alissa Karl is the new Vice President for Academics. I look forward to working with her.

The last round of contractual money to address salary compression is scheduled for December.

1)   To what degree is your campus using the SUNY Telecommuting Policy to allow library employees to telecommute?
2)   Has telecommuting come up in the hiring or retention of employees?

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