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Title: IDS Project Liaison Report
Post by: sullivm on November 03, 2017, 10:15:45 AM
Bill Jones has taken a new position at SUNY Geneseo as the Digital Resources and Systems Librarian.

IDS Project is now using LibAnswers to collect trouble tickets and questions regarding IDS Logic and Mentor Support.  In the past, libraries have emailed Bill Jones directly for support.  Please use LibAnswers so that the new support team can answer your questions.

The address to for Logic Support is:
The address to for Mentor Support is:

The Metro User Group will be held at SUNY Optometry on Nov. 7th.  We have already held the Western and Eastern User Group meetings and had approximately 60 people turn out for the gatherings.

IDS is working with OCLC on the development of Tipasa APIs.  OCLC’s estimates that the APIs will be ready in 2019.  IDS will be working with OCLC to determine when Tipasa is ready for IDS libraries to migrate.

IDS is working to get all member libraries up on the new Article Gateway in the next few months.  Article Gateway automates the Rule of 5 and can determine if it is cheaper to borrow through ALIAS or purchase the article from Reprints Desk or Get It Now, if it doesn't meet the Rule of 5.  This new automation has had a dramatic impact on the time article requests have taken.

The Annual IDS Project Conference will be held at Utica College on July 26th-27th, 2018.  The annual All-Region User Group will be held on the July 25th, 2018.