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Title: Treasurer's report
Post by: GregB on March 09, 2011, 01:39:18 PM
Hi there!

I've attached two pdfs: the report for January-March, 2011, and an income summary for the calendar year 2010. Why the income summary?

Well, here's why! I will be issuing an “income summary” for the previous calendar year at each March meeting, to verify that we do not have a gross income above $50,000 (they raised it!) for the calendar year, which is our limit for being able to file the IRS e-postcard to maintain our non-profit status. When we originally got our non-profit status our reporting year was January-December, and to change that would require mountains of paperwork, and documents which we do not possess.

Our gross income for 2010 was 19,128.51, largely due to the conference. I submitted the 2010 e-postcard today, and got confirmation that it was accepted. Hooray!

11,996.36 of our income was paid via paypal, so apparently that’s a success!


Title: Re: Treasurer's report
Post by: Angela Weiler on March 10, 2011, 10:02:12 AM
Great job on these reports, Greg; they are very clear and accurate.