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Title: OLIS report (in text and attached)
Post by: John Schumacher on January 22, 2015, 09:38:08 AM
SUNY Office of Library and Information Services
Report to SUNY Librarians Association 
John Schumacher (
January 23, 2015

SUNYConnect LMS and Related Activities
•   During summer and fall 2014, the OLIS and ITEC worked on the first stage of the One Bib Proof of Concept (POC) to load and merge data associated with 12 campuses.  While there is still testing underway and more functionality that has not yet been addressed, there has been success on the activities that have been completed.   Starting in January 2015 we will move forward with the 2nd phase of the One Bib POC.  This portion of the POC will use, as source data, the 57 Aleph DEV regions from the shared servers at ITEC.  The OLIS will need to shut down DEV regions to make changes in preparation for merging data.  A survey was sent out in January asking for input on DEV usage.  The survey closed on January 19, 2015.  Responses were received from 53 of the 57 campuses with Aleph hosted at ITEC.  The OLIS is pleased at the high response and thanks campuses for their time in completing the survey.  (Additional information available in the attached file.)
•   Campuses wishing to include MaRC records for Springer ebooks in their catalog are now responsible for obtaining the MaRC records.  Contact the OLIS for instructions on loading the file(s).

EBSCO Discovery Service
•   SUNY and EBSCO are finalizing some implementation details related to a vendor hosted version of their Curriculum Builder feature (reading list interoperability between CMS (Bb, etc.) and EDS); this will be made available to all interested campuses at no additional charge (through June 2017);
•   An EDS custom catalog “Springer ebooks 2005 – 2010” has been established;
•   SUNY EDS sites can be found here.

Electronic Resources 
•   SUNY has reached agreement with Elsevier for a ScienceDirect license through 2019;  license includes additional content from Cell Press;
•   Scopus will be available for all SUNY ScienceDirect campuses; access will commence and be announced once procurement issues are resolved;
•   The SUNY ScienceDirect title listings and holdings used by EBSCO and ProQuest systems has been updated; currently tracking 2705 titles;
•   From the current SUNY-OCLC contract: “EZProxy pricing is listed at $0 because of a previously negotiated agreement between SUNY and Useful Utilities. This pricing is guaranteed until June 30, 2016”;
•   National Fire Protection Association has completed the “2014 Edition” of its glossary.

Open SUNY and Related Activities
•   Some OLIS staff are working on specific Open SUNY projects such as adding content to the SUNY implementation of the “affordable learning solutions” system as well as assisting with some course revisions;
•   Provide your feedback, comments, questions regarding Open SUNY

SUNYConnect Information / Resources
•   For additional information about SUNYConnect
•   OLIS’ Footprints Service Request System
•   OLIS Support Portal
•   SUNYConnect union catalog 

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Title: Re: OLIS report (in text and attached)
Post by: John Schumacher on January 22, 2015, 10:35:40 AM
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