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Title: News from LACUNY
Post by: KimmySzeto on November 20, 2013, 08:55:23 AM
From: Kimmy Szeto (Baruch College) and Frans Albarillo (Brooklyn College)
To: SUNYLA Council

LACUNY presented the 2013 Grace-Ellen McCrann Memorial Lecture at LaGuardia Community College on November 12. Six CUNY library faculty presented on their research conducted through “Reassignment Time,” a general pool of release time available to all CUNY faculty for research but often overlooked by librarians.

We are designing colorful membership cards for our members.

LACUNY is planning to create the archivist position for the organization. Details will be ironed out soon.

LACUNY is planning to offer two scholarships to CUNY students with interest in academic librarianship in the spring.

More information about LACUNY and the calendar of events:
Title: Re: News from LACUNY
Post by: KimmySzeto on November 20, 2013, 03:54:22 PM
I have been asked to provide some details about the research leaves at CUNY.

There are two types for librarians. You will find the summary of these two types of research leaves here:

(1) Professional Reassignment Leave is for librarians only at any rank. Librarians can apply for up to 5 weeks for professional activities. At any one time, there can be a maximum of 50 such leaves being taken across all of CUNY. Details:

Also see PSC/CUNY contract section 25.4.

(2) Workload Leave (aka "release time") is for untenured faculty on tenure-track (at any rank) in their first 5 full years, which includes librarians with at the assistant professor rank or above (which usually means librarians with a a second master's degree). Duration is 30 weeks total, to be determined with the faculty member's supervisor, department chair, and the department's personnel and budget committee.

Also see PSC/CUNY contract section 15.2.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!
Kimmy Szeto