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Title: Publications Committee Report
Post by: Jennifer Little Kegler on March 20, 2013, 04:38:05 PM
Publications Committee Report

Committee Member Change:
Per an email from Linda Gorman, 2/6/13, Lisa Errico,, will be fulfilling her duties on the committee for the rest of the year. 
Committee activities:
1) The February 2013 newsletter was published using the new distribution of roles. The committee used Google drive, but it was difficult to bring all information together to edit effectively. 

2) Jennifer Smathers and Jennifer Kegler requested server space on the site to gather the information and host the document (which is created in MS Publisher).  Katherine Brent has set up the space, which members can access using an ftp client.  We will use this space for the next newsletter, as we continue to refine our process. Further directions are forthcoming for committee members.

3) Elizabeth Andrews will be collecting submissions for the May 2013 newsletter. She will be sending out a call for submissions in April.

Jennifer Little Kegler (Brockport)
Chair, Publications Committee