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Title: 1st VP's report
Post by: sarahmorehouse on January 16, 2013, 01:53:56 PM
We have a new delegate from Cortland - Sara Quimby, who has stepped in while Dan Harms is on sabbatical. Thank you, Sara, and welcome!

Call for nominations for officer positions will be soon. Be thinking about:
* Treasurer - Greg is willing to run again but he has to take a sabbatical this summer, so the position is open if you have a good candidate.
* Conference chair - we are hoping to have the 2014 conference in Albany, and it helps if you're a local. But it's not necessary.
* 1st VP - Mark McBride is running. Does anybody want to run against?
* President - I'll stand for nomination if there isn't anybody else. But honestly, my supervisor wants me back at home more.

Attended the NYSHEI summit with Rosanne - see her report for details.

Have been working with Tracy Paradis from Geneseo on the fundraiser. As a reminder/update, we are coming up with designs for swag (bags, mugs, buttons, shirts, etc.) to be purchased from Cafe Press. We will talk more about this at the meeting and welcome feedback and ideas!

I've been working with Logan Rath on the Innovative Library Services through Technology certificate program through SUNY CPD, and with Mark McBride on the OER101 course through Open SUNY.