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Title: LACUNY update
Post by: KimmySzeto on November 06, 2012, 09:05:40 AM
From Kimmy Szeto, liaison to LACUNY

I attended the LACUNY executive council meeting on Sep 28. I will describe the October meeting below. The next meeting will be on Nov 16, which I will miss because I will be calling in at the SUNYLA meeting.

LACUNY is ramping up its efforts to recruit new members and more participation. The organization held its "Fall Program" on Oct 19. It was a confluence of the LACUNY executive council meeting, the Grace-Ellen McCrann Memorial Lecture (an annual lecture on librarianship by CUNY librarians), and a membership drive / open house. This combination worked out extremely well--potential members were drawn to the lecture, leaders of the organization were all present for the meeting, and the two groups got to talk to each other about membership.

The next event, LACUNY Dialogues, will take place in January.

Other news:

Polly Thistlethwaite and Vee Herrington were appointed Chief Librarians at the Graduate Center and New Community College, respectively.

This might be of interest to SUNYLA since we have plans to join the Academic Commons, and we are also starting up a repository...

CUNY is in the process of setting up an open access institutional repository with the support of the university's faculty senate. The consensus is that the institutional repository will be created in a way that is integrated with the Academic Commons, where faculty and staff will be able to self-archive their contents. These contents will be combined with other functions such as notifications, metrics, and discussions. They are seeking commitment from the administration to issue directives to faculty and staff, especially staff, to use this institutional repository and to use it properly.

On the more technical side:
- CUNY is migrating from Aleph version 18 to version 20, and is working on getting Primo running.

- CUNY discovered that some new ID cards have bar codes shorter than 14 digits...the lesson learned is that library systems (Aleph, EZproxy, etc.) need to be configured to accept bar codes like that.

- Electronic subscriptions: CUNY's strategy seems to be "one vendor at a time." Campuses come to consensus and consolidating their subscriptions, incrementally, one vendor at a time. They just struck a deal with Palgrave, and are now negotiating with other eBook publishers, including textbooks.