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Post by: AprilDavies on September 14, 2012, 09:38:39 AM
Please reply to this thread with your campus updates. Thanks!
Title: SUNY Oneonta Update
Post by: flintopj on September 14, 2012, 11:48:24 AM
The college is pleased to announce that Charles O’Bryan of Milford is the new director of the Milne Library. He comes to SUNY Oneonta from the Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES, where he has been director of the school library system since 2008.  O’Bryan holds master’s degrees in library science and environmental education, and was a Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar in 2008. An accomplished grant writer, he has secured over $1 million in funding for projects at BOCES and the Milford Central School District.
Michelle Hendley published the article, “Citation Behavior of Undergraduate Students: A Study of History, Political Science, and Sociology Papers” in the peer-reviewed journal, Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian 2012 31(3): 96-111.  The study is an analysis of the bibliographies of 378  research papers completed by SUNY Oneonta undergraduates between the spring 2006 and spring 2008 semesters.  The results of the analysis demonstrated that even with the availability of other types of sources, particularly Web sources, the students still cited books and scholarly journals to complete their research papers; however, the use of traditional library sources varied across academic discipline.  The study also examined the students’ citations of specific website domains, the most cited scholarly journal titles for each academic subject and the prevalence of interdisciplinary journal usage. The findings from this study have provided useful information regarding students’ citation patterns and identified some potential gaps in the library's collection and services.  A preview of the article may be found at

Milne Library hosted a Banned Book Bracket Challenge to determine SUNY Oneonta’s most favorite banned book.  Starting with 64 banned books patrons completed entry brackets indicating which book they thought would move forward at each level of voting.  Brackets were all collected and voting started.  The voting will continue until the final winner is announced on Oct. 3rd (at printing we are in week 3, looking at the Sweet 16, including Hunger Games and Huckleberry Finn).  The Bracket Challenge is the build-up for the Banned Book Read-In on Oct. 3rd.  Carol Andersen, Alvin Dantes, Pamela Flinton, and Jennifer Gaston produced the month-long event celebrating Banned Books Week.  We have had lots of interest and we’ve heard of instructors making this event a central discussion in one or two class meetings.

On Thursday, August 2nd, Milne Library hosted the Eastern IDS User Group Workshop.  Thirty-four library staff and librarians from eastern New York made use of the computers in IRC120 to learn the latest processes and procedures developed to ensure students and faculty have access to materials needed for study and research.  This meeting included hands-on InterLibraryLoan/DocumentDelivery training, learning about emerging best practices, sharing of common and local library challenges and solutions--and lunch.  Andy Perry and Anthony Biltucci ensured technical aspects of the event were without hitch.  Pamela Flinton handled logistics for the event working with Bill Jones, IDS Project Administrative Assistant to ensure the day progressed smoothly.  Milne Library is hosting a second workshop on October 15th.

Last note, Alvin Dantes, Technology Development Librarian will be the SUNYLA Council Representative effective 9/21/12.  Pamela Flinton will remain as the alternate.  Alvin brings fresh ideas and talent to the group.  I’ve enjoyed working with everyone on the Council and hope to be able to attend some meetings as the alternate.  I’m sure Alvin will be as much of an asset to the Council as he has been to me in our working environment.  Please welcome him.
Post by: MEWelsh on September 14, 2012, 03:35:12 PM
SUNY Delhi

Hi everyone! Below is a quick update on our summer at SUNY Delhi!

Bradley Post began working as the new Acquisitions Manager and I (Megan Welsh) have been appointed as the new Reference and Instruction Librarian. I have also assumed the responsibilities of being the SUNYLA delegate from Delhi.

Our library department, consisting of 7 library personnel, engaged in a staff retreat where we reflected on the accomplishments and challenges of last year and developed a list of short and long term goals for the upcoming year and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled as we may be seeking advice from you on the listserv!

The biggest challenge we faced since the beginning of classes has been excessive printing by students, congesting our print queue and stressing our technical staff and paper resources. Thanks to those of you who responded to my email on the listserv about this problem. We are also still navigating the challenge of limited library instruction classrooms use due to campus renovations.

Points of pride:
1. Receiving exemplary commendation from Middle States visiting team and high ratings on Student Opinion Survey
2. Notable acquisitions: Vincent and Indiana Bones (skeletons for the Nursing students to check out)
3. Provided over 200 photos from archives for Centennial web site launch.
4. Built computer lab in upper level of library due to academic building renovation elsewhere on campus, a space we hope to reclaim end of spring semester.
Title: Monroe Community College Update
Post by: mtimmons on September 17, 2012, 09:35:29 AM
Hi everyone from MCC! Below is a quick update on our summer:

The Monroe Community College Libraries has successfully implementing True Serials, an electronic records management system.  We have a new streamlined database access page along with the ability to track licenses, subscription renewals, and administrative data.  We are also taking part in the New York 3Rs E-Book Library (EBL) Demand Driven E-book pilot program.   Working with EBL we will be testing a consortial model for facilitating demand driven e-book acquisition. 

The downtown Damon City Campus Library and Electronic Learning Center have ‘flipped.’  The library stacks are now located in the space formerly occupied by the computer lab and the lab now has a larger footprint.  We will be assessing both space needs and student needs, making adjustments in anticipation of an overall campus move.  As the downtown campus is slated to move to a larger facility in a few years we need to start gathering data now to figure out the best layout for a research / computer space.  An ambitious project!

On a whole the college has reached its enrollment targets.  The libraries continue to be extra busy as we have added Student Technology Help Desks to assist students with technology related questions.   The Library Student Advisory Committee has been busy working with the college community to produce READ posters featuring students, faculty and administrators. 

Assistant Director Kate Jenkins  applied for and was awarded a MCC Foundation grant to upgrade the LeRoy V Good Library’s instructional classroom with a SMART podium 518 interactive pen, display slate, a document camera, and a new projector.
Post by: Antonia on September 17, 2012, 09:57:58 AM
SUNY Old Westbury

Curt Friehs' our Business Librarian, taught a workshop at the Nassau County Library Association this summer titled "Business Information for the Layperson: Part II".  It was a 2.5 hour long presentation on June 15, 2012. He also gave a presentation to Workforce Partnership on June 21, 2012 on using library resources for job hunting.
Werner Sbaschnik recently created a new collection of media equipment for our catalog. The collection includes film and other media apparatuses for students to borrow for various projects.
We are in the process of our library renovation. We are still open as many hours, as they are breaking concrete and replacing windows. It has been an eventful semester so far. As of now, students do not have access to our CMC (education) library. Also we no longer have media equipment for students to view films that have been placed on reserve. the student computers can not play dvds. This is just the first phase and there are two more to go! If you would like to see the progress, please refer to the libguide created by the library director, Stephen Kirkpatrick.

However with all of this going on - students are still coming and using the library.

Thank you, Antonia DiGregorio
Title: Re: CAMPUS UPDATES for Binghamton University Libraries
Post by: alarrivee on September 17, 2012, 10:32:23 AM
Binghamton University Libraries has welcomed many new faces over these past few months.
Leslie Vega, the new Visual Arts Librarian, started work at Binghamton University Libraries in May and was formerly working with the Carnegie Museum of Arts collections and holds an MLIS and an MS in Art History. Lee Cummings, the new Engineering Librarian, began work at Binghamton University Libraries August. Lee has a degree in Industrial Engineering and is from Toledo, Ohio.
We also welcomed Bill Palmer to our staff in June, Bill is responsible for processing and managing the gifts that arrive at the Libraries.
Title: SUNY ESF campus update - Jane Verostek - SUNY ESF delegate
Post by: verostek on September 17, 2012, 02:26:12 PM
Coincidentally as I was about to post our news I just sent the follwing email to the SUNYLA Listserv:
We are looking to take a poll from other SUNYs to see how other SUNYs are handling their copies of on campus produced SUNY theses and dissertations. SUNY ESF now requires students to submit an e-version of their theses/dissertations to be included in our Proquest theses/dissertation database. Along with the e-version we keep one BOUND copy in the stacks that can circulate and another print copy in our archives (some of these are bound and others unbound).

What are other SUNYs doing? Going fully digital? - Keeping any print copies? - Keeping multiple print copies?

I’ve created a brief Survey Monkey survey of questions about how SUNYs handle SUNY produced theses/dissertations –
It would be great to get some feedback to see what others are doing. Here is the link

We are interested in learning what others are doing as we make some decisions about the future of how we keep our theses/dissertation collections. Many thanks ahead of time for your responses. If I get enough responses I’d be happy to summarize them and send out the survey results, etc. back out to the list.

And now for our news -

In August 2012 - The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry - F. Franklin Moon Library received a grant to fund campus innovations through the SUNY 2012 Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG) program. The proposal, "Engaging Students in Information Literacy and Digital Literacy through Emerging Technologies," will use apps for iPods and iPads to help students understand the library services and library information they have access to on campus. Using these devices will enable the students to become more comfortable with technology. In the Fall 2012 semester the iPods were used in ESF 200 Information Literacy classes that the Moon Library librarians teach in an activity led by Moon Library Librarian Jessica Clemons. During the activity student groups used the iPods to take photos of Moon Library via a questionnaire they were following – when done the  students then presented their photos and shared their findings with their classmates. To learn more about the grant visit

During the Summer of 2012 – Moon Library purchased licenses for LibGuides and LibAnswers. The online tools are being used for guest lectures, library instruction, reference service and more. To visit the Moon Library LibGuides and LibAnswers sites visit and

Title: Niagara County Community College Update - Karen Ferington, Delegate
Post by: Karen Ferington on September 17, 2012, 02:45:19 PM
NCCC has a new branch campus, the Culinary Institute in downtown Niagara Falls, NY.  It was created by renovating a large portion of the former Rainbow Center Mall.  There is a small library there (including books, DVDs, and periodicals) and it has a beautiful view of Niagara Falls.

This year we are commemorating the 50th anniversary of NCCC. There was a large display mounted in the art gallery called “50 Years of NCCC” by Karen Ferington, Archives Librarian, assisted by several library clerks.  The display included photos organized by decades, posters, T-shirts, memorabilia, yearbooks, and student newspapers. Visitors to the exhibit appreciated all of the work that went into this display. More special anniversary events will be held throughout the year.

Post by: Danharms on September 17, 2012, 03:23:42 PM
Lorraine Melita, Teaching Materials Center Librarian and Coordinator and Reference and Instruction, has retired.  We give her our best wishes, and she will be missed.

Ellen T. McCabe was promoted to Associate Librarian effective July 1, 2012.

Ellen T. McCabe has retired from Memorial Library at SUNY Cortland effective August 31, 2012, where she was the Humanities and History Bibliographer. McCabe received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship in 2008. She is the winner of three American Library Association Grants: two for the Let's Talk About It series on Jewish Literature, and one for "In a Nutshell, the Worlds of Maurice Sendak," a traveling exhibit of the renowned author's work. McCabe has served SUNYLA as the First Vice President and President from 2003-2005. A long standing member of the Publications Committee, she has Co-chaired or Chaired the committee since 2007. She has enjoyed presenting and participating in numerous SUNYLA conferences. McCabe says," SUNYLA is the most open and sharing group of librarians I have ever met. I am very happy to see new members joining the group and carrying on these traditions of innovation and cooperation with each other I will miss all of you."

Jennifer Kronenbitter has been promoted to Assistant Director.

David Ritchie will be on sabbatical for the fall semester.  Dan Harms will be on sabbatical for the spring semester.

Sara Quimby has been appointed Interim Library Instruction Coordinator.

Lisa Czirr has been appointed Interim Teaching Materials Center Librarian.

We have hired two new adjunct librarians, Lauren Stern and Richard Powell, to handle evening and weekend hours.
Title: CAMPUS UPDATES - Cobleskill
Post by: AprilDavies on September 17, 2012, 07:57:00 PM
We are pleased to welcome Helene Gold as our new Information Literacy Librarian. Helene got her MLS from UAlbany and an MEd in Instructional Technology from the University of South Florida. She was formerly Instructional Services Librarian at Eckerd College in Florida and Director of Education for the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association.

Now that all our interior construction is done, the College has started a huge landscaping project around the Library and down the central core of the campus. Navigation will continue to be challenging for the next couple of months.

In addition to the multi-campus PDA ebook pilot through WNYLRC, we are also playing with Kindles this year. They've been loaded with recent, high-demand popular reading titles to start with. Future purchases will be chosen partly through user feedback, including through the Library’s Facebook page.

Our Fall Book Sale starts Sept. 28th and runs through the end of October (or until we run out of things to sell, whichever comes first). Stop by and shop if you’re in the area.

See our newsletter if you want to know more:
Title: CAMPUS UPDATES - Maritime College -
Post by: KimmySzeto on September 18, 2012, 01:14:03 PM
Here is the campus update submitted earlier by our librarian Elizabeth Berilla to the SUNYLA Newsletter:

Campus Update
September 2012

With hardly a moment to spare over the summer months, the librarians of the Stephen B. Luce Library have taken to the road, sea, and skies since May.  Library Director Constantia Constantinou was selected to have her paper, “Towards Peace:  One Library at a Time, One Nation at a Time,” presented at the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions in Lappeenranta, Finland in August.  Her work highlighted her time spent as a Fulbright Scholar in Cyprus, where she introduced new library collaborations between Turkish and Greek Cypriot library communities.   Constantia’s paper was delivered by two Fulbright recipients, Professor Miller (CUNY, Queens College) and Professor Schlesinger (CUNY, Lehman College).  Additionally, her paper “Enhancing the Maritime Curriculum with Online Education and Scholarly Resources” was published in the 5th International Congress on Maritime Transport, Technological Innovations, and Research 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, June 2012, and Constantia’s paper “Knowledge for the Ages: Preserving Rare Collections through Digitization and Content-Based Access, was presented at the International Conference in Qualitative Quantitative Measures in Libraries (QQML) in Limerick, Ireland, May 2012.  Constantia’s distinction as a Distinguished Librarian led to her selection as a member of the SUNY Distinguished Academy Executive Committee.

Librarian and Institutional Archivist Elizabeth Berilla (Reference, Instruction and Outreach Librarian) joined Constantia in presenting at SUNYLA in June.  Constantia’s presentation on “Transcending Boundaries to Increase Cultural Understanding between Countries” reflected her experiences in Cyprus, while Elizabeth’s presentation “Anchors en Vogue: The Institutional Archives and Identity of Maritime College” focused on archives, preservation, and access efforts.  Kimmy Szeto (Cataloging and Metadata Librarian) presented as well at ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA in June on “RDA to RDF: Transitioning to the FRBR Catalog and the Semantic Web.”  Jennifer O’Keefe (Coordinator of Circulation and User Services) and Elizabeth Berilla co-authored “Repository Reviews: Stephen B. Luce Library, Archives, and Special Collections,” which was published in the Summer 2012 edition of the Metropolitan Archivist.

Kimmy Szeto and Elizabeth Berilla have successfully returned from spending a collective 90 days at sea aboard the EMPIRE STATE VI, the training ship of Maritime College, as the ship’s librarians.  Kimmy represented the library during the first half of cruise, which departed campus on May 7 and traveled to the Azores and Reykjavík, Iceland, before returning to the U.S. in Norfolk, VA.  Elizabeth joined the ship during the switch out in Norfolk and was aboard through Gibraltar and Liverpool, England, before the final return to the Bronx on August 6.  Kimmy and Elizabeth are happy to share they have regained their “land-legs”!

Kudos to Shafeek Fazal (Assistant Director, Head of Reference and Access Services), Joe Williams (Head of Acquisitions and Technical Services), and all library faculty and staff for the recent award of a New York State Education Department Conservation Preservation Discretionary Grant.  The award will be used for a comprehensive assessment and preservation survey of the repository area including long range planning for the Institutional Archives and Special Collections of the Stephen B. Luce Library and Maritime College.  Under the review of a representative from the Northeast Document Conservation Center, the Archives will undergo a thorough review with attention paid to the conservation needs of some of the most rare and unique of our collections.  Congratulations, all!
Post by: Christine Faraday on September 18, 2012, 02:33:45 PM
Nassau Community College

Just in time for the fall semester, the NCC library recently launched its new streamlined and mobile friendly website:
After 21 years serving as Nassau Community College's Coordinator of Distance Education, Professor Arthur Friedman, Ed.D. has returned to his roots in the Library as a reference librarian.

Our library has also implemented EBSCO’s Discovery Service. This allows students and faculty to search our collection through a single simple search box.

We have also started using LibAnswers. Students and faculty can now text us questions in addition to sending emails or chatting. 

NCC library is now piloting a print management system. This system will help us encourage responsible printing practices. Students will be granted a free print quota at the start of each semester and will only be charged if they exceed that quota. Currently there are no charges since this is a pilot. We expect to implement actual charges in spring 2013. We are hopeful that this will give us better control over printing in the library.
Title: Re: CAMPUS UPDATES - Buffalo State
Post by: mcbridmf on September 18, 2012, 02:40:10 PM
Buffalo State is amping up for SUNYLA 2013. Soon everyone in SUNYLA who has happily volunteered will be contacted to help out. We look forward to having everyone in Buffalo.

This semester we have launched our new classroom which is a Steelcase Learn Lab. See this video for an example of what the classroom features.

The library has a new website that is designed with HTML5 and javascript. It is mobile friendly.
Title: SUNYIT Update
Post by: grimesb on September 18, 2012, 07:08:18 PM
SUNYIT's Cayan Library is now sharing Morrisville State College's Library Director, Christine Rudecoff.  Both campuses were involved in shared services talks throughout the Spring semester.  As a a result of these talks and the interest of SUNY's Central Administration, a new SUNYIT/MSC organizational chart of the campuses was announced in mid-July.  Chris has been busy meeting the staff and learning how things have been done at SUNYIT.  We are happy to have Chris on staff and look forward to working with her to help our campus community be better served.
Title: SUNY Jefferson
Post by: Carleen Huxley on September 19, 2012, 04:00:23 PM
Not much really news worthy going on here.  We continue to refine our newly implemented collaboration arrangement with the Learning Skills Center. 

I'm currently enrolled in a Post-Masters Certificate Program at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. It's done entirely online. If you're interested in adding some padding to your CV or "updating your professional knowledge and explore emerging trends in the Library and Information Science (LIS)", I would highly recommend it.  I'm learning lots. Lots and lots. :-)
Post by: posulliv on September 20, 2012, 08:18:12 AM
The College at Brockport welcomed a new libarian, Ken Wierzbowski.

We've been preparing for the one-day conference, "Giving and getting access to scholarly and instructional materials in conjunction with Oneonta:
Post by: Susanna on September 20, 2012, 08:51:42 AM
Tompkins Cortland Community College (Susanna Van Sant, delegate)

We've had another highly successful season of our Quest - an active learning, team-based, warmly competitive orientation to all sorts of library and student support services available in our Baker Center for Learning (of which the Library is a part).  We're exhausted, but it's well worth it.  We'll be investigating offering the Quest during New Student Orientation to broaden our reach and to host the sessions prior to the start of classes each semester.

Eric Jenes has joined our staff as an adjunct librarian and writing tutor.  We continue to explore ways to integrate research/reference services and writing support.

We've increased our "purchase-on-demand" activity to build our print collection of both scholarly and leisure reading materials.  We also fulfill patrons' (primarily leisure reading) requests through immediate download to the Nooks that we circulate.  We're also exploring adjustments to our ILLiad routing rules to expand our POD acquisitions further.

Title: Re: CAMPUS UPDATES from Oswego
Post by: kathrynmasten on September 20, 2012, 10:53:59 AM
We are pleased to announce that Barbara Shaffer is our new Library Director. After a year as Interim Director, in May she assumed her new position as Library Director at Penfield Library. Barbara holds a Master’s of Library Science from Syracuse University and Master of Science (Education/Music) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In her new role, she plans to work closely with faculty to promote student learning and to ensure that when students leave Oswego, they take with them strong skills in information seeking and evaluation for lifelong learning.

Chris Hebblethwaite is now the Coordinator of Reference.

Tina Chan has been named the 2012 Emerging Leader sponsored by the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association.
Post by: lcharbonneau on September 20, 2012, 11:46:02 AM
It’s been a productive summer at MVCC Libraries:
- We began the process of joining the IDS Project.
- We redesigned our library web site.
- We added a lot of titles to our ebook collections.
- And of course, there was weeding...
Title: SUNY Potsdam Update
Post by: hebertm3308 on September 20, 2012, 12:37:00 PM
New Hires: Abby Smith has joined the College Libraries as our new Metadata Librarian.   Abby comes to us from the University of Michigan and holds an MS in Information Science. While in Ann Arbor, Abby worked on digitization projects in support of the University’s Google and Hathi Trust initiatives.  The College Libraries has also hired a new Acquisitions Clerk, Shelly Smiddy. The Search for the shared services (Canton/Potsdam) ILL Specialist position continues.  Interviews with candidates are being held.

IL Tutorials: Over the summer, Instruction Librarians were very busy revising the SUNY Potsdam self paced Information Literacy Tutorials:  The new tutorials "Research in Databases" and "Free Web" are designed to help students learn basic research skills.  Overall, they are more interactive and engaging, maybe even fun!

American Chemical Society journal subscriptions: Potsdam canceled their subscription to ACS journals, and opted to subscribe to the journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry instead.  The ACS journal costs were simply unsustainable, and would have consumed more than 10% of our entire acquisitions budget.  We have agreed to retain the ACS Legacy Archives and the Journal of Chemical Education, per request from the faculty.  If you haven't seen Jenica Roger's Attempting Elegance blog post, check it out.  It has made quite a few ripples:

Construction update:  Library faculty offices are being reconfigured and remodeled, and new furniture is being ordered.  We all hope to be back in our offices by the end of the semester.

Shared services.  SUNY Potsdam continues to have discussions with SUNY Canton on shared services.  Conversations are beginning regarding academic collaborations (e.g. shared courses/curriculum).

Potsdam is participating in the EBL WNYLRC consortial ebook pilot (now live).  Thanks to Maggie Horn at OLIS for loading our records into ALEPH.

SUNY Potsdam received a glowing Middle States Accreditation Review report.  26 commendations!  Only 4 recommendations for improvement, all dealing with institutional assessment.
Title: Re: New Paltz CAMPUS UPDATES
Post by: Kristy Lee on September 20, 2012, 05:00:20 PM
New Dean of Sojourner Truth Library
The Sojourner Truth Library welcomes W. Mark Colvson as the new Dean of the Library. Mark comes to the State University at New Paltz from Marist College where he served as Associate Director of the Cannavino Library.
Satellite Reference Service
Sojourner Truth Library (STL) now provides reference assistance to the campus at an additional location outside of the library reference desk. This satellite service, branded as Library Help @ the Career Resources Center, is staffed two hours, three days a week.
STL officially launched LibAnswers, our new virtual reference tool. Patrons can text us their questions, and we have the ability with LibAnswers to send the answer directly and instantaneously to their cell phones.
iPads Lending
STL now has iPads available for checkout with a valid NP ID at the Checkout Desk. The loan period is 3 hours.  Each iPad comes with the native iOS apps and word processing apps such as Apple Pages, but users can add their own as well. All personal data will be completely erased from every iPad once returned.
Title: Genesee Community College Update
Post by: CindyFrancis on September 20, 2012, 05:48:31 PM
The Alfred C. O'Connell Library and Genesee Community College are pleased to welcome the Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, a Man for All Times exhibit.
The exhibit was created by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and funded by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and will be on display in the library October 1-28, 2012.

The exhibit is part of an on-going series of lectures and events sponsored by GCC to explore the Civil War and its enduring ramifications 150 years after the battles officially ended. The National Lincoln Exhibit has been traveling to select libraries and educational sites across the United States since 2009, and this will be the first showing at a community college in New York State.

Library and MarCom staff working with history faculty have planned many events for October to coincide with the exhibit including a visit/lecture from Columbia University history professor and author Dr. Eric Foner. A leading contemporary historian of the post-Civil War Reconstruction period, Dr. Foner will share insights from his award-winning book The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at a free lecture at GCC. Other events include a Lincoln Discovery Contest open to the community and a talk entitled “Why Lincoln” by Historian Derek Maxfield.

In personnel news: Angela Davis joins the GCC library staff as a part-time Reference Librarian. Angela is a 2012 University of Buffalo MLS graduate. She has worked at the Lake Shore branch of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Libraries system, and did her reference practicum as a Graduate Student Reference Assistant at the UB Health Science Library in 2011-12. 

Title: Onondaga update
Post by: Angela Weiler on September 21, 2012, 11:31:28 AM
Pauline Shostack has assumed the position of Chair at Coulter Library, and former Chair Jeff Harr has taken on Acquisitions in addition to Technical Services.

Frank Doble, Instruction and Reference Librarian, retired in June after 40 years at Coulter Library, so we are now down to four full-time librarians, as the library did not receive approval to refill his position this year. For these reasons, there has been some restructuring of librarian duties at Coulter: In addition to Pauline and Jeff’s new duties, Rob O’Boyle is now handling Circulation, Periodicals, and Archives, and Angela Weiler is covering Reference and Instruction. Coulter has also hired a new adjunct librarian, Penelope Klein, to help cover evenings.

Rob O’Boyle is serving this year as President of the Onondaga Community College Federation of Teachers and Administrators.

This summer Nadia Tressler developed Coulter Library’s Summer Photo Challenge Contest. Whether campus community members were taking summer classes, traveling the world, and/or working, we encouraged them to share a picture with us that depicted their summer adventures. We picked a winning staff and student photo at the beginning of the fall semester. The winning photos were then featured on our library website. You can see the winning photos on our library blog page and all photo submissions on our Flickr page.

Lisa Murphy of the Media Department suggested and organized a shifting of Coulter Library’s CD collection over the summer from shelving by number to shelving by genre. It was quite an extensive project, but now Coulter’s collection is much more enjoyable to browse.

Angela Weiler has organized a voter registration drive at Coulter Library. Registration forms are available on the first floor of the library, along with a drop box. The library then mails the registration forms for the students.

Dennis Thoryk has created online booking for Coulter Library’s group study rooms, enabling students to reserve rooms without actually coming into the library.

Pauline Shostack is again organizing the annual library orientation event for the campus community, which takes place on Sunday, September 30 from 6:30 – 8:30pm. This year there is an international theme, including games, crafts, food, and more.