SUNYLA Personnel Policies Committee

SUNYLA Exit Survey

The State University of New York Librarians Association (SUNYLA) is interested in gathering information on librarians and professionals leaving employment at a SUNY unit. Please complete this brief questionnaire. The information gathered will not be linked to a person and you need not provide your name on the form. Please respond to all questions on the form. Thank you!

Name (optional):

Which SUNY unit are you leaving?

What position and rank are you leaving?

Are you retiring? Yes No

Or, leaving the professional workforce? Yes No

(If "yes" to either part, skip the rest or provide relevant comments at the end of this survey form.)

What and where is your new position?

If taking a non-library related position, please comment:

Please indicate any of the following factors that influenced your decision to leave your present position for one elsewhere.
Better salary
Better benefits
Better leave accruals
Academic year obligations
More technically advanced environment
Better physical environment
Need to relocate
Increased job responsibility
Greater professional development support
Better library budget
Greater support for library
Greater advancement opportunities
Less stringent or no tenure requirements
Not reappointed
Other (explain)

Additional comments:

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Username: sunyla
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