Delegate Tips

  • Get the most recent list of local members and keep it on hand for all business.
  • Help facilitate Annual Conference by getting local members involved. Personal invitations often work very successfully.
  • Talk to those who are NOT members. See why they aren’t in the organization. See what it would take to get them interested.
  • When recruiting new hires, ask for their interests and suggest how they can feed those through the organization.
  • Periodically, go through the SUNYLA website with new eyes. What new information is there since last you looked? How or to whom can the information be useful? Tell them! Remember to send website errors, suggestions, etc. to
  • Look at the Committees & see what they are doing. Compare activities to what librarians on your campus are doing. Recommend participation.
  • Mention and promote the Professional Development Grants. Point out grant write-ups in the Newsletter.
  • Route the Newsletter to campus administrators like the Provost. Let them see how much your library does and how it’s communicated SUNY-wide.
  • Join the SUNYLA-L mailing list.  Encourage your colleagues to join the list, as well.  Actively participate in the discussions.
  • Attend SUNYLA Council meetings in person or online.
  • Actively particpate in a committee.

If you have a tip to add, please send it to