November Meeting Snapshot

SUNYLA Snapshot for November 16, 2011 at FIT

The early morning portion of the meeting was devoted to an open discussion regarding the Distinguished Librarian Rank and the role of Librarians in faculty governance and other campus wide roles.

Dan Harms from Cortland reported that his campus discovered a mistake/miscommunication originating from SUNY Provost Office in the August memo that was sent out to campuses seeking nominations for Distinguished Faculty ranks. Although ranks for Professorship, Service Professorship and Teaching Professorship were listed, the memo neglected to mention the Librarianship category. SUNYLA President, April Davies will be sending a formal letter to the SUNY Provost with a gentle reminder to include all ranks in next year’s memo. (more…)

SUNYLA Snapshot

Highlights from the latest SUNYLA Council meeting, 11/19/10 Announcements, Reminders, Updates: Conference planning is underway for SUNYLA 2011. The conference theme will be Shared Borders: Collaborating for Success.  A website has been set up at April has been conducting discussions with SUNYLA delegates via email. They plan to begin Read more…