About the Power of Tuesday

SUNYConnect Advisory Council, SUNY Council of Library Directors and SUNYLA are joining forces to draft a new SUNY Libraries strategic plan. This new plan, to be completed by January 2011, will supersede the SUNYConnect II Five Year Strategic Directions document that has guided the collective priorities of SUNY Libraries since 2006.

As the first step in shaping this strategic plan, we want to begin with a series of collective conversations within the SUNY library community. We are calling these conversations “The Power of Tuesdays.” This name is both a nod to the new SUNY strategic plan, “The Power of SUNY,” and a place holder for every Tuesday in June.
“The Power of Tuesdays” is intended to stimulate campus conversation about five key issues that are central to the rapidly changing environment of academic libraries and key to us working as a university system. Each conversation will take the form of an hour long webinar consisting of short presentations about current SUNY pilots or projects, best practices of other library systems, and new thinking/challenges for us to consider. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers, there will instantaneous polling to get a sense of our collective thinking, and then there will be several questions posed that we hope will generate substantive written responses.
While each webinar is limited to 60 minutes, we are recommending that staff devote an additional hour to discussing the final questions presented at the conclusion of the webinar. We will be asking each campus to respond to these final questions on “The Power of Tuesdays” Google forum that will be created.
We can ensure that the “Power of Tuesdays” is a powerful part of our initial strategic planning effort by taking the following actions on our own campuses

  1.  Widely publicize this opportunity among library staff (and feel free to invite other campus constituents as well). Staff should view these webinars as an opportunity to learn about exciting projects in SUNY libraries.
  2. Find a suitable location for your library staff to view the webinar together, preferably some place with comfortable chairs, and don”™t forget the refreshments.
  3. Identify a technical contact who will prepare the location by downloading Elluminate (directions to be supplied; your campus does not need a license for Elluminate). All troubleshooting for the webinars will be handled by the staff of the Center for Professional Development, but they will need a contact person at each site.
  4. Identify a facilitator(s) who will input the polling data (e.g., count the show of hands and enter a number), enter questions using a chat feature, lead the follow- up discussion, and enter the campus responses into the SUNYLA Google forum.

So please mark your calendars now for every Tuesday in June from 10:00 to noon!

A description of all the “Power of Tuesday” webinars will be forthcoming shortly. Further information will be distributed regarding access to Elluminate and contact information for requesting Elluminate technical support, if needed, during the Webinars. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about this upcoming series, please do not hesitate to contact Cerise Oberman for content issues, cerise.oberman@plattsburgh.edu and Maureen Zajkowski for technical issues, Maureen.Zajkowski@suny.edu.



Each webinar will be approximately 60 minutes long and will consist of:

  • 2-3 brief presentations
  • a question and answer session
  • polling questions
    • quick answer questions that will gauge the initial reaction to a topic
    • the polling questions are not meant to commit your campus to anything
  • follow-up questions
    • 3-4 larger open-ended questions that need to be discussed as a group
    • answers will be submitted via a Google form
  • possible follow up discussions


To get specific information about each webinar, see the Schedule.