Library Data II:
Too Good, Too Bad, and Too Ugly

Friday, February 2, 2024 (10:00am – 3:30pm EST)

Call for Proposals is open! Submit your proposal now!

Conference Description:

SQL: It’s not just how we get our data. It’s this year’s conference. A sequel — Library Data Part II: Too Good, Too Bad, and Too Ugly

Based on the great interest in last year’s theme and the number of amazing proposals that we received, it’s clear that data is an endless area of opportunity and challenge for libraries. We know that working with data can be a terrifying tale of suspense and it can also be an adventure. This year, we wanted to find more ways to help you share fun and exciting stories with your library data.

Are you passionate about data? Do you have any amazing data tools that you’re excited to show off? Do you have interesting ways of using data for assessment and communicating to different audiences? This conference is for you — again! The SUNYLA Midwinter Online Conference planning committee is seeking proposals from presenters looking to share their expertise in gathering, analyzing, and/or presenting library data in its myriad forms.

Some possible presentations could include:

  • Vendor-produced reports
  • Integrating data from multiple platforms
  • Alma Analytics and Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Data visualization
  • Google Analytics
  • Uncommon or unusual sources of data
  • Using data for assessment
  • Communicating the value of the library to stakeholders
  • Artificial Intelligence in data analytics
  • Telling a story with data

And beyond! The possibilities are endless!

Come share your experiences with your supportive and non-judgmental library colleagues at the SUNYLA Midwinter Virtual Conference on Friday, February 2, 2024 (10:00am – 2:30pm EST).

Presentations should be 15-20 minutes in length, in a format that best suits your topic. All presentations will be recorded live and shared on the conference website after the event.

Technology requirements: Computer, internet connection, microphone/speakers (headset recommended) or telephone, quiet space for presenting, webcam optional.

Accepting proposals until Friday, December 1, 2023. Proposals are evaluated through a blind peer-reviewed process. You do not need to be a SUNYLA member in order to attend or present at this FREE conference. Those who submit proposals should expect to hear back from us regarding their proposals by early January if not sooner. Please submit your proposal here:

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