SUNYLA Snapshot
June 15, 2011
SUNY Plattsburgh

Jason Kramer of NYSHEI was scheduled to attend the meeting to share his report but he was unable to attend, so Angela relayed his report. Notable from the report: ARIA was passed and is expected to be signed into law by the governor sometime this summer or fall and will be effective 180 days after signed.

Mary Donohue, chair of the Executive Board for SCLD was also in attendance. SCLD is working on implementing the strategic plan and is looking forward to strengthening ties with SUNYLA in the future.

President Angela Weiler attended the SCLD Executive Board meeting in April, where “the Power of SUNY Libraries: A Strategic Plan for 2011-2014″ was approved. She also noted that SCLD approved a restructuring of the SUNYConnect Advisory Council into the SUNYConnect Coordinating Committee and a completely separate Finance Committee to handle updates to the SUNYConnect financial plan. SUNYLA has representation on both these committees. SCLD has also set up a task force to address the possibility of a SUNY-Wide Content Fee.

First Vice-President April Davies reported that the Delegate Toolkit has been finalized and is now available online at She also announced that SUNYLA has been approached by the UB library School about partnering up to “devise or amplify a continuing education program for SUNY Librarians.” This topic will be on the Agenda for the Fall council meeting.

Second Vice-President elect Frank Parelli has had to step down. We will be recruiting within next few weeks and hold a new election via email.

Corrine Nyquist is stepping down as chair for the Personnel Policies Committee.

Kadri Niider is stepping down as liaison for LACUNY.

$3000 was approved for next years budget for the SUNYLA Professional Development Grants Committee.

$1000 was approved for next years budget for the Publications Committee.

We revisited the discussion as to whether or not the Publications Committee should continue to send two copies of the newsletter to each campus, since it appears that many members are printing out copies from the digital version sent out via the listserve.

WGIL’s Kim Hoffman’s report shared the success of the 3T’s Conference in March. She also promoted the WGIL Room open podcast that was to be held during the annual conference the following day (accessed

First Vice-President April Davies offered a few options for dates and locations for next years council meetings. The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 23, in either Syracuse or Cortland area. The November meeting is not set yet but FIT has been named as a hopeful location. There was also discussion to regularly schedule a secondary meeting site that could join the official meeting via Skype or Elluminite.

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