SUNYLA Committees

Membership Development

  • organizes and conducts membership recruitment

Questions? Contact Carol Anne Germain (Albany), chair


Personnel Policies Committee

  • The Personnel Policies Committee is concerned with the development, coordination and implementation of the policies, procedures, and standards of appointment and other terms of employment of SUNY librarians.
  • The Committee conducts, prints, and distributes a SUNY Library Salary Survey, generally every two years, with the time of the final report distribution being such that the data may be useful in contract negotiations.
  • The Committee conducts exit surveys of librarians leaving SUNY libraries and reports on the responses to this survey back to the Board and Council.

Questions? Contact Mary Timmons (Monroe), chair


Professional Development

  • recommends and develop programs of continuing education for librarians
  • concerns itself with principles and standards for college and university libraries
  • supports professional endeavors in the wider communities

Professional Development Grants Program is part of the Professional Development Committee.

The SUNYLA Mentoring Program is coordinated by the Professional Development Committee.

The Professional Development Committee sponsors the following awards at the Annual Conference:

Questions? Contact Erin Sharwell (Brockport) and Kim Nolan (Upstate Medical University), co-chairs.


Publications Committee

  • publishes our Newsletter and any other publications of the Association

Questions? Contact April Davies (Cobleskill), chair.


Technology Discussion Group (TDG)

  • Serves as a focus for the exchange of information about various library technologies including but not limited to automation, information technology, web services, user experience, etc.
  • Encourages discussion and education within and between interest groups of SUNY librarians and staff
  • Maintains lines of communication with the SUNY Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)
  • Provides an informal space to talk technology issues that matter to SUNY librarians
  • Organizes the annual mid-winter SUNYLA virtual conference

Questions? Contact Jill Locascio (Optometry), chair


Working Group for Information Literacy

  • promote library user instruction and information literacy at SUNY libraries and the exchange of information about library instruction;
  • support the development, coordination, and assessment of information literacy programs;
  • recommend, offer and/or sponsor programs and educational opportunities for professional development and growth in library instruction, information literacy and 21st century information fluency.

WGIL has a blog at

Questions? Contact Alice Wilson (Monroe) or Brandon West (Geneseo), chairs.

The WGIL Room – an information literacy podcast by Carleen Huxley, Dana Longley, and Mark McBride.