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Membership Development Committee Report
« on: March 11, 2015, 02:50:56 PM »
Here are the latest membership stats:

Current members = 190
New members in 2015=14
Delegates = 56 (current members = 43)

Check out the number of currently paid delegates! 


Work in the Membership Directory:
Ongoing: address the duplicate & spam entries in the database admin section
Ongoing: Merge entries in admin section with the current directory

lanyards for SUNYLA.   Thanks everyone for their recommendations.  so far it looks like our best bet is working with Proforma Shrader and Sharder.  I've attached a price quote with 4 different options.  I'm waiting on a couple samples to make sure they are the quality that we want.    Depending on the style and clip we can get 500 for well under $700.   We have plenty of time to get these for the conference. 
Product# LPY58   $490 ($450 + $40 (setup))
Product #: LTB12   $550 ($510 + $40 (setup))
Product #: LWV58   $610 ($570 + $40 (setup))

I haven't seen the samples but I think any of these 3 would be fine.   I'm assuming we would want royal blue.   I'd love some feedback from the group.  Good news, they will take a check from SUNYLA so no one has to front the costs or use their own credit card.