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SCFC Report
« on: January 20, 2015, 12:43:59 PM »
Below and attached
SUNYConnect Coordinating & Finance Committee (SCFC) Report
Jan. 20, 2015

SCFC met via conference call on December 10th. SUNYConnect Cost Calculations were discussed briefly. There was an update on the Elsevier negotiations, followed by much discussion. We also discussed whether or not IDS membership should be part of the SUNYConnect Core but SCFC will need the promised business plan from IDS before making any recommendations. There was a brief discussion as to whether EDS should be Core, it’s currently not. And it was noted that ELD, which IS part of the Core, needs to be discussed at the spring SCLD meeting since we’re nearing the of the contract--should it remain Core? should we continue to be part of the NY3Rs delivery? Then we talked about consortial purchasing—maybe we can do better than we currently are. There was also some discussion about alternative revenue sources and lack of uncommitted funds at system and on campuses—noted that we need to do more to advocate and educate administrators, especially re: support for new programs.

Changing the SCLD bylaws with regard to SCFC membership was brought up again. The proposal went to the EB but hasn’t moved on from them yet. They are hoping to get it on the agenda for the spring meeting but it might have to wait until after the dust clears from Elsevier. The proposal was sent out to the committee members again. It would eliminate all non-voting members from SCFC, including SUNYLA. The rationale is basically that having non-SCLD people could inhibit discussion and that it takes too much time to include these groups. My PERSONAL opinion is that that’s a load of bunk and that having representation from non-SCLD groups is important. It’s too easy to be insulated from the impact of decisions if you only listen to yourselves. The non-directors are usually the ones that have to implement whatever SCLD and SCFC come up with; that practical, hands-on perspective makes a difference.

Respectfully submitted,
April Davies