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September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / Re: Campus Updates - Adirondack
« Last post by millerjaACC on September 18, 2017, 04:25:30 PM »
A great deal of new construction and renovation continues into the fall. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Sept. 8 for the new Adirondack Hall building.  Work continues on the renovation of the Science Building and Warren Hall, and the construction of the Regional Workforce Readiness Center. See the college page here:

The library welcomed several new staff members:
- Emily Barber was recently hired as a part-time Reference Librarian at SUNY Adirondack. Emily holds an MLIS from Syracuse University and a BA from SUNY Potsdam. Prior to this position, she worked as the Library Services Assistant at the SUNY Adirondack Library.
- Samantha Berry completed Masters degrees in Library Science and English, as well as a BA in English, all from the University at Albany, SUNY. Sam began her academic career at SUNY Adirondack, graduating from the Liberal Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences program.
- Danielle Thomas has joined the staff as Library Specialist after working as a student assistant for several semesters. After finishing her degree this fall at SUNY Adirondack, she plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in psychology at the Plattsburgh Branch Campus on the SUNY Adirondack campus. 

During the summer, SUNY Adirondack Library conducted a large scale inventory project. The library's book and media items were checked, and Aleph catalog records were updated to match inventory results. Student workers also cleaned the bookshelves and shifted library materials, resulting in an overall neater appearance for the collection.
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / Archives Report
« Last post by Jenny Collins on September 18, 2017, 10:07:19 AM »
Nothing to report.
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / Re: Campus Updates
« Last post by Rebecca Hyams on September 18, 2017, 09:30:39 AM »

We've have several comings and goings this summer. The biggest news is that Library Director Kristin Hart left us at the end of August to take a position as the Dean of Libraries at Queens College (CUNY). A search is underway for our next Library Director. While that search is ongoing, Annie Tummino is serving as our Interim Library Director and Rebecca Hyams is serving as the Interim Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Over the summer we hired Marty Zmijewski as our new Content Services Librarian. Marty had been working for us as a Part-time Librarian for the past year and a half and we're excited to see what he will do in this new role. To fill Marty's previous position we recently hired a new Part-time Librarian, Matthew Dineiro (who's first day is today actually). We've also hired a new Instruction and Outreach Librarian (who is starting next week) and a new Educational Technologist (starting in October). [I'll post more about them in our next update.]

The Stephen B. Luce Library has recently been awarded several grants, two to fund projects in the Archives and a SUNY IITG grant (in conjunction with the Humanities Department) to fund a Digital Scholarship initiative.
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / FACT2 Report
« Last post by Katie (DeRusso) Ghidiu on September 18, 2017, 09:24:41 AM »
Nothing to report at this time. Next FACT2 Advisory meeting is in late October.
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / IDS Project Liaison Report
« Last post by BillJones on September 18, 2017, 08:42:34 AM »

Due to the increasing number of libraries using IDS Logic, IDS Project is now using LibAnswers to collect trouble tickets and questions regarding IDS Logic.  In the past, libraries have emailed Bill Jones directly for support.  In order to provide better support for IDS Logic, additional support personnel will now be answering your questions.

All questions emailed to Bill Jones regarding IDS Logic will now be forwarded to LibAnswers.  In your best interest and for a faster response, make sure that you send your IDS Logic inquiries to the following email address:


The IDS Project Online Mentor Institute begins today!  We have five Mentors-in-Training and they will be participating in the course until the end of the year.  Graduating mentors will be announced at next year’s conference.


The IDS Project is excited to invite attendees to our Fall User Group Sessions!  A day of training, discussion, and collaboration can aid in the essential service we provide to our students and patrons. We encourage all Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing staff that work daily to provide resources to other libraries and from other libraries to attend and immerse yourself in the IDS Project community.  The agenda and registration link will be posted very soon.

Dates & Locations:

Western User Group
Tuesday, October 3rd at Syracuse University

Eastern User Group
Thursday, October 12th at Colgate University

Metro User Group
Tuesday, November 7th at SUNY Optometry

*Lunch will be provided.

The Annual IDS Project Conference was held on Thursday, July 27th, and Friday, July 28th at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, NY and was well received by attendees.  Peter Bae of Princeton University gave the keynote presentation for this year’s conference.  There were 131 attendees from 82 different institutions, including 20 out-of-state institutions.  Those out-of-state institutions were:

Auburn University Libraries
Claremont Colleges
Clark University
Colorado State University
Dartmouth College
Dartmouth College Library
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Lafayette College
Middlebury College
Millersville University
North Carolina State University
Princeton University
U.S. Coast Guard Academy Library
University of Arizona
University of Connecticut
Villanova University
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Worcester State University

Next year’s conference will be held at Utica College in Utica, NY.
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / Stony Brook University
« Last post by jenndevito on September 17, 2017, 07:01:53 PM »
Conference wrap-up:
# of attendees registered: 212 (+ a few on-site registrations)
Registration Breakdown
135 Full day
43 One day
24 Vendor
10 Student

Conference Wrap Up report with additional detail and feedback from the conference evaluation is attached.

The University Libraries will take part in SBU’s first CommUniversity Day, an event designed to highlight Stony Brook University’s campus and services.
Kristen Nyitray and Jennifer DeVito are team leaders and will be presenting; Laura Costello and Lisa Miller will provide tours of the renovated library spaces, Jay Levenson, Claudia McGivney, and Gisele Schierhorst will present.

Respect for diversity is a fundamental value of Stony Brook University and the University Libraries, and is identified among the core values of our strategic growth. In an effort to strengthen our commitment to fostering a work environment where everyone feels valued and included, and to ensure that this commitment is reflected in our recruitment, development and retention programs, University Libraries has created a committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. The committee's purpose is to create and maintain a welcoming and respectful environment for all library employees and patrons.
Mona Ramonetti --Science Librarian-- Chair
Anastasia Chiu - Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
Violeta Ilik  -- Head of Cataloging & Metadata
Chris Kretz - Head of Southampton Library
Jay Levenson - Library Clerk II, Access Services
Raquel Lynn - Instructional Support Librarian
Victoria Pilato - Digital Projects Librarian
Sarita Sharma - Office Assistant
Gregg Stevens -​ - Health Sciences Librarian​
Giulieta Stoianov - Senior Assistant Head of Access Services 
Dana Haugh - Web Services Librarian.  Ad Hoc (SUNY Diversity Committee)

Jamie Saragossi has been appointed Head of the Health Sciences Library

New hires
Anastasia Chiu as Cataloging and Metadata Librarian.
Donna Darling as the Overnight Manager.
Jin Xiu Guo as the new Director of Collections and Resource Management.
Kristin Hall as the new Library Assessment & Learning Outcomes Specialist.
Violeta Ilik as the new Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services.
Matthew Michel as an Overnight Supervisor in Access & User Services.
Mona Ramonetti as the new Science Librarian.
Meghan Sprabary as the Manager of the Music Library.

September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / UUP Liaison's Report
« Last post by Danharms on September 17, 2017, 05:17:54 PM »
UUP Liaison’s Report
Dan Harms

Statement from President Fred Kowal on DACA Decision

SUNY’s Charter School Training Proposal Contradicts Teach NY

Statement from President Fred Kowal on Charlottesville Violence

Updates on contract negotiations are available to members here.  Make sure you have your pay stub handy:

The NY State Constitutional Convention will be on the ballot in November. This is a serious issue relating to our guaranteed rights to stable pensions, union membership, and public higher education. We encourage you to vote no on this ballot item.

September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / President's Report
« Last post by cfishner on September 15, 2017, 03:42:40 PM »
Hello SUNYLA, welcome back to another great year!

The schedule of Council meetings is as follows for this year (running 10am-3pm):
   September 18 at Delhi
   November 3 at Albany
   January 26 at FIT
   March 23 at Finger Lakes Community College
   June TBD (week of June 11) at the Annual Conference

At the annual conference in June, there was a chance for the members of SUNYLA to meet with the current Board of the SLC. At this informal meeting some of the discussion was around what SLC could do for SUNYLA, and how SUNYLA could be active within SLC. We were asked to provide SLC with some ideas on how our organization would consider the SLC to be successful.

SUNYLA as an organization was asked to provide a representative to the SLC Executive Director search, a call went out to the members of the Council looking for a volunteer, as this is a search that will involve a lot of time. We should have this finalized by the meeting (hopefully).
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / Membership Committee
« Last post by cg219 on September 15, 2017, 03:28:01 PM »
Membership Development Committee Report –September 2017
Here are the latest membership stats:
Current members: 218
Delegates: 56
Just a reminder, the membership cycle changed to one year from date of payment.  Because we did not have a member ship payment option with this year’s conference registration, there is a lapse in members. Over the next month I will be sending reminders. I am also going to ask Logan to add a “Your membership due date is coming up” statement so I can send it out ahead rather than “we miss you.”
September 18, 2017 Council Meeting @ Delhi / Publications Report
« Last post by AprilDavies on September 15, 2017, 12:36:44 PM »
Publications Committee Report
September 15, 2017

•   The call has gone out for submissions to the October newsletter. Committee chairs, this is a good opportunity to advertise a program, recruit members, etc. Deadline: Sept. 26th.
•   We did not do a post-conference edition because we didn’t have enough submissions. We may include some of the write-ups we did get into the regular October issue.
•   Social media update: up to 217 FB followers; 249 on Twitter. If you’re not one of them, why not??

Current members:
April Davies, chair  (Cobleskill)
Jennifer DeVito  (Stony Brook)
Sherry Larson-Rhodes (Geneseo)
Jill Locascio  (Optometry)
Christian Poehlmann  (Albany)
Jennifer Smathers  (Brockport)
Susanna Van Sant  (TC3)
Brandon West  (Geneseo)
Lydia Willoughby  (New Paltz)

Respectfully submitted,
April Davies
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