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June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / WGIL Update
« Last post by Carleen Huxley on June 14, 2017, 11:14:32 AM »
1)      Term for committee chair is up – if anyone is interested in taking over the role as WGIL chair please let Logan or I know before the council meeting next week.

2)      There are two surveys we would like to encourage the committee to fill out:

a.      WGIL Initiatives survey – please tell us what initiatives you feel WGIL should focus on next year.

b.      I’m also sending out the survey I sent out a few months ago regarding ACRL Framework initiatives on SUNY campuses:

During the SUNYLA conference last summer there were several folks who mentioned they were in the process of transitioning over to using the ACRL Framework.  I thought it might be a good idea to survey and collect some of these initiatives happening across SUNY.  If your information literacy program is currently in process of moving over to the Framework, then please consider filling out the following form : . The form will allow you to upload four files, in case any of you would like to share things like new rubrics, lesson plans, worksheets, etc.  Our intention is to make these ideas, files available through Google Drive for us all to share at some point.  If you have any questions or if the survey isn’t working please let me know.

Carleen and Logan
The Committee thoroughly revised the Distinguished Professors Policies and Procedures for 2017-2019 and forwarded its recommendations to the Provost’s Office.

The recommendations for criteria relating to Distinguished Librarian are:
Criteria for Selection – The scope of librarianship extends beyond the library's physical walls to the opening of limitless electronic networks and to the fostering of information literacy and skills in navigating the information universe.  Through such endeavors, librarians create a new place and new roles for themselves in the academy.  Librarians demonstrate unique talents and skills as faculty who promote and facilitate access to information for the widest community and assist all sectors of the community to make informed judgments about the nature and quality of the information they seek, find, and use.

The pathways to the rank of Distinguished Librarian are many and diverse.  To attain the rank of Distinguished Librarian, a candidate must exhibit all of the following qualities and levels of accomplishments.
•   Candidates must have made contributions to the profession of librarianship that are of national or international significance.
•   They must have achieved stature and distinction beyond their own library, beyond their own college or university, and indeed, beyond SUNY to offer leadership.  They may achieve this stature and distinction through formal scholarship, research, and publications,  or other paths including  forging alliances, creating resources of networks, or shifting the understanding of core precepts of the field. In all cases, the impact of the contributions of candidates must be transformational.  Candidates' achievements at this level must have contributed to transforming the profession of librarianship and the work of librarians.  Candidates must have broken boundaries, expanded potentials, and engendered positive change in academe.
•   Candidates must have demonstrated leadership in realizing the potential for access to world-wide information resources, in changing the nature of information seeking, and/or designing or developing systems which facilitate the creation, navigation, access, and effective use of the burgeoning information environment.
•   Candidates will have performed with excellence and innovation in a domain of librarianship, including but not limited to information and knowledge creation, resource sharing, information  literacy, data management,  technical services, services to the public, system or facilities design, or leadership of administration.
•   Candidates' careers will be models for librarians and will provide inspiration to their colleagues.  They will have earned the respect of members of the information professions as well as their  professorial counterparts by the quality, vigor, and innovative nature of their thinking, their standards of performance, and the effectiveness of their initiatives.

June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / FACT2 Report
« Last post by KatieDeRusso on June 14, 2017, 09:21:20 AM »
Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT) 2017, Teaching and Learning in Multiple Dimensions, took place at  SUNY Oneonta, May 30 - June 2, 2017.
There were a number of SUNY librarians and library directors in attendance and who presented. A major theme that came out of the conference was the scale up and support of the adoption of OER (open educational resources). There are SUNY libraries involved in these efforts on some campuses. 

The SUNY Learning Commons and groups using it (including FACT2) will be transitioning to a new platform named Workplace by Facebook. Here's the note from Lisa Raposo at CPD:
"The current Commons users will be the first people to have access to Workplace, and we hope you will be able to give shape to our space before we launch across all the entire University System.   Workplace provides a new way of communicating, and includes additional functionality, such as Chat and Video, that were not available in the current platform.
Workplace will enable collaboration across the System, identify expertise, and build colleagues’ connections by allowing you, the user, to connect to groups and people across the system as you choose.
If you currently facilitate a group or community within the current Learning Commons platform, you are invited to learn how to move your group activity into the new Workplace Platform."
June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / UUP Liaison's Report
« Last post by Danharms on June 14, 2017, 08:59:04 AM »
UUP Liaison to SUNYLA Report
Dan Harms

Contract negotiations between the state of New York and UUP continue. Please visit the website for negotiation updates, and share information with the negotiations committee at

Statement from UUP President Fred Kowal regarding the president’s decision to abandon the Paris Accords

UUP: New budget is a solid start

UUP ‘very encouraged’ by new SUNY chancellor appointment

Questions for consideration:
1)   Do your campuses allow librarians to work from home? Is there an explanation that has been provided, pro or con?

2)   What is the model for librarians filling in for absent colleagues in the following cases? Are you paid, given relief from other duties, or given other consideration?

a.   One or two days
b.   Weeks or months
c.   Years

Please send your answers to, indicating if you are at a SUNY campus and if you want to be quoted. I’ll report back at the next meeting.

June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / Re: Campus Updates
« Last post by Rebecca Hyams on June 14, 2017, 08:46:34 AM »
On May 9th the TSES Empire State VI departed Maritime College bound for New Orleans, Spain, Lisbon, Sicily, and Scotland. The library was sent off with a largely rebuilt collection and a whole new ILS for this voyage. We've been getting blog posts from them and posting them to our new ship blog:

Maritime College was just awarded an IITG grant, headed by Humanities professor John Rocco, to launch a digital scholarship initiative on our campus. The library faculty will be intimately involved in this project, which will include the forming of a faculty cohort and the integration of digital scholarship tools into spring semester courses. The grant also includes funding for the creation of a digital scholarship lab and funding towards establishing our own home for our digital archival materials and projects.

Educational Technologist Ian August has taken a position over at St. John's and left in early June. Instruction and Outreach Librarian Mona Ramonetti has taken another position and will be leaving Maritime at the end of June. We expect to have searches to fill both of their positions shortly. We're also in the process of filling our Content Services Librarian position and hope to have someone onboard soon.

At SUNYLA this year, Library Director Kristin Hart is participating in a pre-conference panel on library renovations, Archives and Scholarly Communications Librarian Annie Tummino is on a roundtable discussion on teaching with primary sources, and Digital Services Librarian Rebecca Hyams is speaking at the tech services lightning talk session on setting up the ship library's new ILS.
Registration is open for the IDS Project Conference!

The IDS Project's 13th Annual Summer Conference is Thursday, July 27th and Friday, July 28th at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, NY. This year's conference theme is Steering the Future, Together and approximately 200 attendees are expected.

This year's conference is packed with information and training regarding exciting new technologies and strategies for information access, resource sharing and acquisitions/collection development. Session tracks include ILL/DD, Technology, and Collection Development. You can choose to follow an entire track or choose individual sessions from across each track. All library professionals are encouraged to attend regardless of affiliation with IDS Project.


CONFERENCE COST: $175 Registration Fee.

The Spring Regional User Group meetings were recently held at Hobart & William Smith Colleges (Western), University at Albany (Eastern), and College of Optometry (METRO).  Practitioners were given the opportunity to learn about updates in Empire Library Delivery, the ILLiad Check-up Challenge, the Electronic Delivery Utility, and updates on Tipasa.  Resources can be found for each region at
June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / President's Report
« Last post by BillJones on June 14, 2017, 07:59:54 AM »

I can’t believe that this is my final update as President!  It sure is amazing how fast time moves.  Thank you all for your support.

I'm pleased to announce the incoming board:
Carrie Fishner (Delhi)- President
Carol Anne Germain (Albany)-1st VP/President-Elect
April Steenburgh (FLCC)- 2nd VP/Conference Chair
Amanda Lowe (Albany)- Secretary
Greg Bobish (Albany)- Treasurer

Following the conference I will move into the role of Past-President (Ex-Officio).

The one Bylaws change on our election ballot also passed.  As stated on the ballot, the Bylaws change was:

Membership would like to change the structure for when we collect membership dues. Dues are currently collected conference-to-conference. With the proposed change membership would reflect a calendar year and dues would become due on the date of starting membership yearly. This change may eliminate confusion and generate goodwill.

Chosen through electronic vote, SUNYLA 2018 will be held at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY in June 2018.  Specific dates to follow.

I hope to see many of you around at Stony Brook this week and that you have an awesome time at the conference!

Respectfully yours,
June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / NYLA Liaison report
« Last post by wlwest on June 14, 2017, 05:54:35 AM »
NYLA news from Michelle Young, ASLS President

We are doing a membership review and encouraging all academics and special libraries and their staffs to join. We are pushing hard to have a significant presence in NYLA.

Our academic summit (previously mentioned) was a success. It was last week. We have several notes and action items to work on - a report and potential white paper is in the works.

Conference planning is done and there are several great programs at the fall conference (in Saratoga Springs).

Please encourage anyone to reach out if they have questions.

June 14, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook (Annual) / Treasurer's Report
« Last post by GregB on June 13, 2017, 03:44:13 PM »
Hi everyone, sorry I can't be there in person, but at least I have good news! Our current bank balance is $22,425.32, which is up considerably since last meeting due to the receipt of the balance of the 2016 conference funds. We also have $19,557.18 in our paypal account, $11,864.77 of which is vendor payments for the 2017 conference (minus paypal fees).

Thanks, and have a great time!

Attached is the 2017 report from the Professional Development Committee.
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