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SUNYLA 2017 Conference Planning report
June 2017
The University Libraries at Stony Brook University welcomes SUNYLA 2017 attendees!
As of 12 June 2017, conference registrations:
Full conference: 132
One day: 42
Library student: 10
Total Library personnel: 184
Vendor reps: 24
Total registrants: 208
Dorm booking was less than anticipated. Less than 60 rooms booked as of 9 June.
Information about the conference, including sessions, room assignments, tours etc can be found online:
The registration desk will be staffed from 8am to 5pm Wednesday and Thursday; 8am-12pm on Friday if there are questions.  There’s a staff member located at the desk at the east entrance to the Melville Library who will provide assistance to those in Melville.

March 10, 2017 Council Meeting @ Stony Brook / Conference Planning
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:34:10 PM »
Island Federal Savings Bank needs statement in minutes stating that I am the authorized signer and am allowed to open the account.

Session schedule is largely completed.  It will be posted on the site soon

Call for poster proposals has gone out. Deadline is 21 March.  Programming Committee will meet shortly thereafter to review and notify those who have submitted.
Slight change in lodging:
SUNYLA attendees staying in the dorms will be staying in Chavez Hall.  This is a newly opened dorm space, featuring suites of single rooms (no double room options).  Rate remains $78.25. 
It’s more centrally located to the event space and will be an easier, faster walk for attendees.

Registration will be up early April. 

Programming committee will be selecting swag soon.  Sponsorships are going well. We have a mug sponsorship from JoVE.

Website is being updated fairly regularly.  Housing information, local information and the keynote speaker are all on the site.

January 27, 2017 Council Meeting @ FIT / Conference planning report
« on: January 26, 2017, 08:56:18 PM »
Conference bank account has been opened with Island Federal Savings Bank.
Call for proposals went out 5 January; reminder was sent 26 January.  Deadline is 31 January. The deadline likely will be extended to 15 February.

Call for poster proposals will go out next week.
Request from EBSCO: EBSCO has requested 3 conference sessions this year, in exchange for sponsorship.  Thoughts?
Lodging: Guests have options to stay in dorms or at nearby hotels.
Dorms - Nobel Halls
Single $78.25; Double $63.75  (Linens, pillows and toiletries like soap and shampoo are included)
 Suites have 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a common area inside the suite.  There’s also a small common area on each floor and a larger one located in the basement.
Hotels - Hilton Garden Inn Stony Brook (located on SBU campus) $139/night; Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook $129/night
Registration:  Rates for registration: 2017 rates?
Rates for SUNYLA 2016*:
$100 for members
$140 for non-members
$60 for LIS students
$60 members/$70 non-members single day registration

Attendees will pay the lodging fee separately.  Dorms registration will be through link provided by University Housing.
Keynote speaker is Dr. Lana Jackman, president of the National Forum on Information Literacy and a workforce development consultant. Through her work with the National Forum and other organizations, Dr. Jackman promotes policy and program development to enhance the educational opportunities of underserved populations. From the National Forum site: Dr. Jackman earned her doctorate in educational studies from Lesley University, an Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a B.A. in Politics from University of Massachusetts at Boston. Her research interests focus on information literacy, outcomes-based assessment, user education, community based participatory research, charter schools, health literacy, and evidence-based decision making.

 SUNYLA 2017 Conference Planning Report - November 2016

Conference web site:
Programming committee
      1st meeting held 31 October
      Carrie Fishner will handle vendor relations again this year
      Claudia McGivney and Jamie Sarragossi will assist
      Moderator coordinators are Kate Kasten and Pamela O’Sullivan
      Took suggestions for keynote speaker
      Next meeting 29 November
Local Arrangements committee
      First meeting held 10 November
      Have begun assigning tasks
Bank account - need additional documentation to set up account
     Tax ID number
     Letter from president on letterhead authorizing me as representative of group

 SUNYLA 2017 Conference Planning Report, September 2016

•   Proposed theme: The Global Library: Diversity through Collections, Spaces, & Services
        The dates for the conferences are confirmed: June 14-16, 2017
•   Robert Tolliver is the Local Arrangements chair; Giulieta Stoianov will be acting as conference treasurer
•   The entire Wang Center has been reserved for all dates. This space includes a theater that seats 239, two lecture halls
        (seating 71 and 87) and five classrooms. This space, combined with library classrooms and meeting spaces, will be where
        registration, workshops and poster sessions are held.
•   Blocks of rooms have been reserves at two nearby hotels:
              Hilton Garden Inn (on SBU campus): 30 rooms for 6/13-6/16; $139/night;
              Holiday Inn Express (2 miles from campus): 30 rooms for 6/13-6/16; $129/night
•   250 dorm rooms have been reserved; exact location TBA. Single and double rooms reserved for the dates 6/13-6/16.  The
        2016 rate is $75.50/night for single and $61.50/night for double (both rates include $7 linen service).  Rates will increase
        approximately 5% for 2017.  We will get back in touch in early January for official rate and location.
•   We will be meeting with the Conference and Event Services team to explore options for the Membership Social on
        Wednesday evening (6/13/17) and other arrangements.
•   A call for volunteers will go out next week; planning meetings will begin in October.

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