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Thank you to SUNYLA and its members! I appreciate the energy that goes into this organization. Special thanks to William Jones III for his term as president - leading us through some trying times through the pandemic. Additionally, a HUGE thank you to Jocelyn Ireland and her team for the phenomenal work on the 2020 conference - over 500 attendees - WOW, a first for our annual conference.  And I am grateful for our delegates and their continued work with advancing SUNYLA on our campuses - we have almost 400 members due in part to their efforts.   

In August, I sent SUNYLA Standing Committee chairs the lists of members who are interested in participating in a respective committee. This should be an ongoing (@ 6 month) task. This informs committee chairs about members who would like to be involved. Chairs can contact these members to coordinate .... We do not have ad hoc committees on our membership form; would we want to add that to the new database structure.

Thank you to Katherine Brent for her many years in serving as the Webmaster.  At conference, Bill Jones agreed to take on the Webmaster role and work on the membership database.

Carol Anne

Here are the latest membership stats for September  2020
Current members: 392
Lifetime Members: 34
Student members: 81
Delegates: 55

SUNYLA  membership has increased a bit since the conference; though the conference was an amazing boost. Delegate nudging is highly beneficial.

I reached out to campuses to increase delegate representation. I was able to get a few more and am waiting to hear back from several others. I am looking forward to working with a sub-committee (old business) for delegates.

Student memberships - CELIAM is a program at University at Rochester - the program aims to recruit more students into the LIS field. Would we be willing to extend free membership to these undergraduates? There are ~ 20.

Carol Anne

Here are the latest membership stats for June 2020
Current members: 384
Lifetime Members: 29
Student members: 78
Delegates: 53

WOW! SUNYLA  membership increased from 281 in March to 384 in June! Delegate nudging (thank you); the conference and its professional development opportunities plus early member sign up (thanks Jocelyn Ireland); and another push to library school students (thanks Becky Burke) helped to generate this increase.

We need to address the delegate representation on some of the campuses. Last June, I suggested that the Membership Committee establish a Delegate subcommittee to address delegate communications, recruitment, "training," etc. for more consistent connections. Since some of this falls under the 1st VP roles, that official could partake in the committee to learn about SUNYLA delegate dynamics. The committee could generate strategies and communication tools for enhanced engagement. 
With the increase in library/information science school students, we should think of some strategies to engage this population. The most of these students are enrolled in the SUNY LISs (Albany and Buffalo), so we could initiate student chapters or a liaison for each school who would attend career or orientation fairs. 

This spring, I worked on the Membership brochure with an Albany LIS student. Bill Jones will be introducing it at the meeting.

Carol Anne

Here are the latest membership stats for March 2020
Current members: 281
Lifetime Members: 19
Student members: 45
Delegates: 52

This year, the Membership Committee is working on increasing visibility and membership.  To give delegates a better idea of the SUNYLA membership on their campuses, I sent each one a spreadsheet with the SUNYLA membership database information for their campus. I asked them to review it and identify any errors (member is up-to-date) and/or updates (e.g., retirees, moved on). The email requested delegates to remind library staff about SUNYLA renewals/membership/opportunities. I offered SUNYLA tote bags as an enticement/ "Thank you" gift. I sent delegates over 125 totes.

It was an excellent response from a majority of delegates which prompted the request for an additional tote purchase. I will send these when I get back to campus. The database is almost up-to-date (a few stragglers - please send me this information). I sent April Broughton missing delegate information. In addition, many of the delegates have proactively reached out to their library staff, which helped to increase membership with new members and renewals. We went from 243 in January to 281! MANY THANKS to delegates efforts - you do make a difference.

We should note that there is a likelihood that membership may drop due to not having an in-person conference - just a note, no need to panic.   

Carol Anne

Here are the latest membership stats for January 2020
Current members: 243
Lifetime Members: 16
Student members: 45
Delegates: 57

As always - delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

Here are the latest membership stats for November 2019
Current members: 240
Lifetime Members: 15
Delegates: 56

More by January 

As always - delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

Here are the latest membership stats for September 2019
Current members: 266
Lifetime Members: 14
Delegates: 56

Student Membership – I sent a message to all of the New York State Library/Information Science programs to post the SUNYLA student membership opportunity. We have 46 student members (some were prior members).

As follows are the college breakdown:
19 Buffalo
14 Albany
2 Pratt
10 queens
1 St Johns
0 Syracuse
0 Palmer

I will repost the message in October.

As always - delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

This year’s conference looks very exciting – there’s lots of great programs, social events, and networking opportunities – take advantage of as much as you can. Many thanks to all who helped to make this another SUNYLA success.

I sent out information to all of the New York State LIS programs (7) on the two-year, no-cost membership available to students. At least 4 have posted the message on their student listservs.  There is an increase in enrollment but not overwhelming. I recommend that we initiate some efforts to engage these new members and would like to take this on as my past president project.

Erin Sharwell has agreed to serve as the chair of the Professional Development Committee. This is a big undertaking and we will be meeting during the conference to discuss the committee responsibilities and oversight. 

What a wonderful year – it has been a pleasure and honor to work with all of you – SUNYLA strong is its members – your work makes SUNYLA strong! Bill, Carrie and I have been working on a thank you for your efforts.

Here are the latest membership stats for June 2019:
Current members: 248
Lifetime Members: 12
Delegates: 58

Student Membership - Not a significant (~10) increase since posting to the LIS listserv.   

As always - delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

March 15, 2019 Council Meeting @ Onondaga / President's Report
« on: March 14, 2019, 08:17:27 PM »
President’s Report March 2019
A BIG thank you to all who worked on SUNYLA Midwinter 2019 (especially Michelle Eichelberger, Rosanne Humes, Rebecca Hyams, Bill Jones, Jill Locascio, and Carrie Marten; a shoutout to Katherine Brent for the Zoom support). This committee organized an excellent set of speakers and had a phenomenal turnout. Looking forward to midwinter 2020.

I contacted many of the chairs and liaisons of SUNYLA and SUNYLA affiliates to thank them for their service and our appreciation for their reports and meeting attendance. I will follow up with the remaining before the annual meeting.
This year, there were two Distinguished Librarian Professorships - Michael Huang (Stony Brook) and Edward Komara (Canton). Does SUNYLA want to do anything official to honor these individuals? Should they be highlighted in the newsletter and/or website?
As noted in the agenda, we will need leadership on the Professional Development Committee. April Broughton is exploring the role. Does anyone wish to co-chair; or have a suggestion for a co-chair?

At the January meeting, Dan Harms brought up the topic of academic freedom for librarians. He generously drafted a statement that we will discuss in Old Business.
Next meeting: Onondaga Community College – Annual Conference June 12

Here are the latest membership stats:
Current members: 242
Lifetime Members: 3
Delegates: 58

Lifetime Membership - it is up and working, AND we have 3 members so far.

Student Membership

Here is a blurb:

In 2018, SUNYLA Council voted to provide free membership to graduate students enrolled in one of the New York State ALA accredited Library/Information Science programs. SUNYLA’s encourages professional development and this action provides an affordable professional start for future library professionals. The free student membership would be limited to two years. Once that expires, those individuals can continue their membership in SUNYLA with the first year rate.
Once this is approved I will send out announcements to New York LISs.

As always - delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

January 18, 2019 Council Meeting @ FIT / President's Report
« on: January 17, 2019, 09:02:27 PM »
President’s Report January 2019

As noted in the Membership Committee report, I am working with Bill Jones on delegate outreach initiatives. In our discussions, several ideas surfaced - 5-10% off annual conference; a special delegates meeting at the conference - similar to the new conference attendees; and a delegates-only raffle. 

Ophelia Morey from the University of Buffalo is on the SUNY Academic Programs & Awards committee for the 2018/2019 academic year. She has agreed to serve as our SUNYLA liaison. Once her term expires, we will need representation. 

I attended the fall SLC meeting in Saratoga. There was lots of discussion on the Alma migration and associated issues - workflow, support, etc. While there were vendor sessions, many of the directors were most concerned with Elsevier - some meetings with this vendor were scheduled for December.  SLC Bylaws are being developed.

Susan Lieberthal contacted me about the vacant SLC Board position: Nominations are being accepted to become a member of the SUNY Library Consortium Board for the remainders of a three year term which began spring 2018.  The term will run through to the spring meeting, 2021.  Please submit nominations and self-nominations by Thursday January 31, 2019.   Any questions, please contact Susan Lieberthal, SLC Secretary, at I strongly encourage SUNYLA members to nominate themselves or a colleague.

Library Advocacy Day is Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Does SUNYLA want a presence?

Next meeting: Onondaga Community College – March 22?, 2019

Here are the latest membership stats:
Current members: 231
Delegates: 57

Bill and I still need to work out the Delegate Packet. We have compiled a list of items but need to fine-tune the logistics. We are also reviewing and editing other pertinent documentation.

Lifetime Membership - it is LIVE!

*Logan set up an option on the membership form for the lifetime membership with a drop down for age. He adjusted the PayPal options - Both work. 

Here is the membership description for the webpage -  In 2018, SUNYLA created a lifetime membership option. This choice is for members with a strong commitment and affiliation with this association, as well as the SUNY libraries and library professionals. This membership affirms support of SUNYLA’s work which is essential in maintaining a robust professional community.

I will send out an announcement to promote this membership option.

Student Membership
We are still working out some of the details, e.g., description, a database field for New York LIS. This should be done in the coming weeks. I will send out announcements to New York LISs.

Once again - To all the delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

November 2, 2018 Council Meeting @ Delhi / President's Report
« on: November 01, 2018, 03:03:43 PM »
President’s Report November 2018

Personnel Policies Committee– the listserv call for a chair generated 3 responses. The Council selected Mary Timmons from Monroe Community College since she has past committee experience. The other 2 nominees will serve on the committee.

Professional Development Committee: Michelle Bishop notified me that she will be stepping down as chair of the committee and as chair of the Scholarship subcommittee. Andrea Kingston will take on the role of chair of the Scholarship subcommittee. Lisa Errico will serve as co-chair of the Professional Development Committee but there is still a need for another co-chair. I will put a call out next week.

Emily Kilcer sent her proposal for a SUNYLA Scholarly Communications Committee (see attached) 

The SUNY Academic Programs Committee website still lists the 2017/2018 Committee members. I tried contacting the past chair for an update on committee and the possibility of SUNYAL representation. I received no responses.

I thank all delegates, officers, and members for making SUNYLA shine.

Next meeting: FIT - January  18, 2019

Membership Development Committee Report – November 2018
Here are the latest membership stats:
Current members: 246
Delegates: 59

Bill and I still need to work out the Delegate Packet. We have compiled a list of items but need to fine-tune the logistics.
I pulled the membership flyer and I have someone at work updating pictures and information (e.g., student non-fee). If you have any current pictures you would like added, please send them my way. I am using pictures from social media.


Logan added listserv information to the Membership Message. It now reads:

Thanks for being a SUNYLA member! Check out your membership benefits here:
We've received your payment and processed your membership as of 2018-09-23 (Formatted: YYYY-MM-DD). Your membership will be valid through 2018-09-23 (Formatted: YYYY-MM-DD).

Please join our listservs to keep up with current SUNYLA events and opportunities.  The SUNYLA-L listserv is open to anyone interested in topics relating to the SUNY Librarians Association or SUNY Libraries in general.  To send messages:
Other SUNYLA listserv information is at

Many thanks! Carol Anne

Your SUNYLA membership number is:  .

Logan configured the database logistics for the free 2 year library student membership.   The next step is to work with Katherine on editing the website and adding student membership information.

Logan and I are still working on the Lifetime Membership details for the:
*An option on the membership form
*A blurb for the webpage
*Add a PayPal option for this - PayPal form will need several options - Age dependent
* Update member expiry date to 12/31/9999 to indicate lifetime membership

Once again - To all the delegates - please nudge your colleagues to renew their memberships or join.

Carol Anne

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