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Sept. 23, 2011 @ Cortland / Re: Campus Updates
« on: September 16, 2011, 12:10:44 PM »
Just in time for the fall semester, the Library Assessment Team (LAT) completed its working draft of the second triennial report. The report provides an overview of the library’s assessment efforts over the last three years, covering circulation patterns and database usage, reference and instructional services, as well as user satisfaction. We were pleased to find a number of areas of improvement, especially in terms of our data-gathering efforts, and we created an action list to guide our assessment activities moving forward. If you are interested in receiving a final draft upon its completion, please contact Dunstan McNutt at

Aside from the typical flurry of activity that comes with the beginning of another academic year, there is not much else to report. SUNY Delhi was spared the worst of tropical storms Irene and Lee, but many of the surrounding communities were not as fortunate. There are a number of volunteer opportunities for those that are interested, and a great deal of information is available through the MARK Project, a rural development organization for the Catskills region. The following link provides information on flood recovery efforts:

November 19, 2010 @ Onondaga / Re: Campus Updates - Delhi
« on: November 17, 2010, 09:02:35 AM »
We are excited to welcome Amanda Mitchell as our new Electronic Resources and Instruction Librarian. Amanda started early in the semester and has already explored ways to promote our electronic resources, such as linking our content through Google Scholar.

As has been reported previously, the Resnick Library & Learning center absorbed the campus's academic computing lab this summer. Our renovation to allow this hinged on the financial support from Richard and Marilyn Wickham. We held a dedication for the newly named Wickham Information Commons, Friday, November 12.

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